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Duality ZF Gameplay: Boss Rush
2009/Dec/22 — Matthew Doucette
Duality ZF gameplay footage: 3X multiplayer, multi-directional, BOSS RUSH, in HARD difficutly.

Introducing Decimation X
2009/Dec/21 — Matthew Doucette
Introducing our second game, Decimation X.  A 1-4 player intense retro shmup.

MIGS 2009 Wrap Up
2009/Dec/20 — Matthew Doucette
Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) 2009 Wrap Up.

Acadia University Coverage: A Passion For Programming
2009/Dec/17 — Matthew Doucette
Acadia University's alumni magazine showcases Xona Games, Duality ZF, and the makers.

Duality ZF Screenshots - Dream Build Play Spotlight
2009/Dec/11 — Matthew Doucette
Sneek peak at Duality ZF screenshots to be featured in the upcoming Dream Build Play 2009 Spotlight.

Xona Games Top 3 in $200,000 Technology Competition
2009/Dec/08 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games announced a top 3 in InNOVAcorop's I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition.

Xona Games Featured in Develop Magazine
2009/Nov/09 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games featured in Develop magazine issue #100, in their 20-page Canada Special.

Duality ZF An Independent Games Festival (IGF) Entry
2009/Nov/02 — Matthew Doucette
Duality ZF is officially an Independent Games Festival (IGF) 2010 entry!

Xona Games I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition Finalist
2009/Oct/22 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games was announced a round two finalist (top 5 in our zone competing for $100,000, and top 25 in all five zones competing for $200,000) in the I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition.

Duality ZF Named "Double Attack" in Japanese: 双攻
2009/Oct/17 — Matthew Doucette
Duality ZF has been officially translated into Japanese, with the name 双攻 (Double Attack).

Duality ZF Fan Prediction
2009/Oct/07 — Matthew Doucette
A Duality ZF prediction sent in by a true fan!

Xona Games Featured on CBC TV News
2009/Sep/24 — Matthew Doucette
CBC TV News feature on Xona Games, Duality ZF, and the story of Jason and Matthew Doucette.

Xona Games on CBC News Website
2009/Sep/23 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games article on CBC News Website, based on the prior CBC Radio One (Information Morning) and CBC TV News interview.

CBC Radio One Interviews Xona Games
2009/Sep/23 — Matthew Doucette
Ryan Pierce (CBC Radio One) interviews Jason and Matthew Doucette (Xona Games) on Duality ZF's success in Dream Build Play 2009 and future plans.

Duality ZF & Hurricane X2 Make XNA Spotlight
2009/Sep/21 — Matthew Doucette
Duality ZF and Hurricane X2 recognized for being Dream Build Play 2009 Finalists, in the XNA Spotlight.

Duality ZF in Hometown News
2009/Sep/16 — Matthew Doucette
Duality ZF makes our hometown (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada) newspaper!

Duality ZF Trailer Breaks 20,000 views
2009/Sep/12 — Matthew Doucette
Our Duality ZF trailer breaks 20,000 views in YouTube.

Dream Build Play 2009 Winners Announced
2009/Sep/07 — Matthew Doucette
Dream Build Play 2009 Challenge winners annouced.

Duality ZF #2 in Canada #7 in World in Dream Build Play 2009 (Top 20 Video Trailers)
2009/Sep/05 — Matthew Doucette
Duality ZF placed second in Canada and seventh in the world in Microsoft's international Dream Build Play 2009 Challenge. Here are video trailers of the top 20 finalists.

Was Gmail Down For Everyone?
2009/Sep/01 — Matthew Doucette
How to tell if Gmail is down for everyone, or just you.

Duality ZF Testimonials
2009/Aug/31 — Matthew Doucette
Duality ZF pre-release testimonials.

Duality ZF Accepted into Dream Build Play 2009
2009/Aug/27 — Matthew Doucette
Duality ZF has been accepted into Microsoft's XNA Game Studio Contest: Dream Build Play 2009 Challenge.

Xona Games Company Profile for NSBI
2009/Aug/18 — Matthew Doucette
Nova Scotia Business Inc.'s company profile of us, Xona Games.

Duality ZF One Hell of a Game
2009/Jul/30 — Matthew Doucette
Duality ZF gets a mention on Top Shmups blog.

Duality ZF Picked Among Top Xbox LIVE Indie Games
2009/Jul/29 — Matthew Doucette
Indie Game Blog picked Duality ZF as one of three top upcoming Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

Duality ZF Among Top Dream Build Play 2009 Entries?
2009/Jul/22 — Matthew Doucette
Is Duality ZF among the top competitors at Dream Build Play 2009?

Another Duality ZF Ad
2009/Jul/13 — Matthew Doucette
Our fourth, unplanned, Duality ZF ad in XNA Roundup.

Duality ZF to compete in Dream Build Play 2009
2009/Jul/09 — Matthew Doucette
Duality ZF to compete in Dream Build Play 2009.

Console Arcade Interviews Xona Games
2009/Jun/15 — Matthew Doucette
Keith Murray and Jamie Davies (Console Arcade) interview Jason Doucette (Xona Games) about Duality ZF.

Duality ZF to be Most Popular Xbox LIVE Indie Game?
2009/Jun/14 — Matthew Doucette
Could Duality ZF be the most popular Xbox LIVE Indie Game?

Refresing a Classic Genre
2009/Jun/11 — Matthew Doucette
David Collins previews Duality ZF.

Duality ZF Promo Materials (Now Available)
2009/Jun/10 — Matthew Doucette
If you wish to preview Duality ZF on your website, please use these promo materials.

SFX360: XBLCG Shoot'Em Ups Will Change Forever
2009/Jun/01 — Matthew Doucette
Buzzkiller of SFX360 previews Duality ZF.

Duality ZF: 98 Percentile Rank on
2009/May/28 — Matthew Doucette
Our Duality ZF April 2009 Trailer  featured on  It achieved a 98 percentile rank and #1 Xbox LIVE Community Game.

Duality ZF Official Site Launches
2009/May/27 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games launches

Duality ZF, Best Deal on Xbox Marketplace?
2009/May/19 — Matthew Doucette
Duality ZF preview on Gameplay Reviews.

Final Duality ZF Ad in XNA Roundup; Detailed
2009/May/18 — Matthew Doucette
Details on our final Duality ZF advertisement in XNA Roundup.

Duality ZF: Featured on
2009/May/15 — Matthew Doucette
Michael Rose of, the #1 indie game site in the world, covers Duality ZF!

First Duality ZF Interview
2009/May/13 — Matthew Doucette
Matthew Doucette's Duality ZF interview by Adam Templeton of GotGame.

Second Duality ZF Ad in XNA Roundup
2009/May/09 — Matthew Doucette
Our second Duality ZF Ad in XNA Roundup.

First Duality ZF Ad
2009/May/02 — Matthew Doucette
Our first Duality ZF ad.

Duality ZF April 2009 Trailer
2009/Apr/29 — Matthew Doucette
April 2009 Duality ZF Trailer.

Duality ZF March 2009 Tech Demo
2009/Apr/11 — Matthew Doucette
March 2009 Duality ZF tech demo.'s Top 10 Articles of 2008
2009/Apr/05 — Matthew Doucette's Top 10 most visited articles of 2008.

New Duality ZF Screenshots
2009/Mar/31 — Matthew Doucette
New Duality ZF Screenshots.

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