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All our articles from 2014. Enjoy! Visit our blog for a full article listing from all years.


350Z: Winter Storage
2014/Nov/20 — Matthew Doucette
Winter storage time for my Nissan 350z.

Lake Doucette Street Car Challenge
2014/Oct/19 — Matthew Doucette
A few of us tested our street cars on the Lake Doucette Motor Speedway track this weekend.

Speed Up DOSBox
2014/Oct/10 — Matthew Doucette
Some tips to speed up DOSBox when running applications that require maximing processing, such as chess engines.

Explained: Touhou vs. Doujin
2014/Oct/01 — Matthew Doucette
The difference between Touhou and Doujin explained.

Google Adsense
2014/Sep/19 — Matthew Doucette
We just put up some Google Ads to pay our website costs.

Xona Games Lands $50,000 ACOA Funding
2014/Aug/18 — Matthew Doucette
We land ACOA funding to develop next generation console games!

Halifax Scramble S (Wrap Up)
2014/Aug/16 — Matthew Doucette
Halifax Scramble #2, the sequel to the first SHMUP event in Nova Scotia history!

How Many Games Does a Game Developer Own?
2014/Aug/10 — Matthew Doucette
A list of all the Xbox 360 downloadable games Matthew has purchased.

Kickstarter: Elysian Shadows, a Next-Gen 2D RPG
2014/Aug/04 — Matthew Doucette
We just backed Elysian Shadows, a next-gen 2D RPG, on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter: Funded Viridis, an Indie Shmup
2014/Jul/25 — Matthew Doucette
We just backed Viridus, an indie shmup from a fellow Canadian indie game studio!

Xona Games in Wikipedia!
2014/Jul/17 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games finally makes it into Wikipedia! Please help edit it!

Score Rush Coming to PS4
2014/Jul/01 — Matthew Doucette
Score Rush reveal! Coming to PS4!

Xona Games: Featured in Greater Halifax
2014/Jun/27 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games was featured in the Greater Halifax publication!

Xona Games: Featured in Yarmouth Vanguard
2014/Jun/10 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games is featured in the Yarmouth Vanguard, its local newspaper!

Alexander Bruce: Inspirational Indie Developer
2014/Jun/06 — Matthew Doucette
Sharing some of the most inspirational indie game developer speeches by Alexander Bruce of Antichamber fame.

Matthew Doucette: Guest Speaker at 1T
2014/Jun/05 — Matthew Doucette
Matthew was a guest speaker at the 1T - First Thursday technology meetup.

Jason Doucette Races Laguna Seca
2014/Apr/12 — Matthew Doucette
Jason races at Laguna Seca in a Formula race car.

Domains, Domains, Domains
2014/Apr/02 — Matthew Doucette
Just talk about all our domains. We just picked up, finally.

Matthew Doucette: Interviewed on Indie Dev Podcast
2014/Mar/10 — Matthew Doucette

Matthew Doucette: Interviewed on Game Code TV
2014/Mar/04 — Matthew Doucette
Matthew Doucette interviewed by Game Code TV.

Xona Games: Featured in Official Xbox Magazine
2014/Mar/01 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games featured in the Official Xbox Magazine, for the second time!

Xona Games: Announced as Official ID@Xbox Developer
2014/Feb/27 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games has been announced as Official Xbox One developer.

Matthew Doucette: 80 Completed Xbox LIVE Games
2014/Feb/24 — Matthew Doucette
Matthew Doucette completes 80 Xbox LIVE games.

Xona Games & Turbulenz Win $50,000 Tizen App Challenge
2014/Feb/23 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games with the help of Turbulenz win $50,000 in the Tizen App Challenge.

Xona Games: Featured in Connected for Business
2014/Feb/18 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games is featured in Connected for Business, for winning a $20,000 Rogers Small Business contest.

Halifax Scramble Wrap Up
2014/Feb/17 — Matthew Doucette
Wrap up notes of the first Halifax Scramble, Nova Scotia's first shmup event.

Matthew Doucette Wins Raiden Fighters Jet Tournament
2014/Feb/15 — Matthew Doucette
Matthew Doucette wins the Raiden Fighters Jet Score Attack tournament at Halifax Scramble.

Xona Games Shmup Tournament
2014/Feb/14 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games held a shmup tournament for Score Rush and Decimation X3 at the Halifax Scramble, a shmup event.

Xona Games: Interviewed by Rogers
2014/Jan/22 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games is interviewed by Rogers for winning their $20,000 national contest

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