Are You Ready For The Rio Olympics?


Rio is right around the corner. Athlete selections are being finalized by each country for all the events. It's going to be another epic sporting event as the best in every discipline face each other in the quest to win the gold medal. Four years of preparation are done. Now it's time to execute to perfection. It's a difficult thing to do with all of the pressures bearing down on each athlete but they know that this is all part of the game. They have to be mentally focused to be able to perform at their best. As for the spectators, they can always enjoy the action by watching and by placing an Olympics free bet on different sports.


This is one of the most highly anticipated team sports in every Olympics, especially since the creation of the Dream Team by the USA. Intent on maintaining their supremacy in the game, the US began to send the best of the best from the NBA to the games. Their first outing was a resounding success with the team staying undefeated en route to bagging the gold. This has been the story in nearly every staging of the event ever since. The very first Dream Team was composed of today's venerable legends. The next one will be filled with the young stars of today who will make their mark as well.


Aside from the World Cup, the Olympic football matches presents all of the most dedicated countries with the chance to prove their worth in the sport. This is a matter of pride for most. With the even being held in Rio, the spotlight will be on the sport like never before. Brazil is known for its love of the game and this will be apparent in every game. Their home team with match up against the rest of the Americas, the giants of Europe, the best of Asia, and the unrelenting teams from Africa. It is going to be an incredible tournament for sure.


Not all of the action will be team sports. Many will feature individuals such as the events from athletics like the marathon. Doping scandals have cast some doubt on the sport but sanctions have been imposed and measures have been tightened to ensure credible results. It will be interesting to see how everything will play out when the games finally start. The best East African runners will be tested once again by the contingents from the US, Japan, and other promising nations. Last year, the Kenyan men had dismal results so it is entirely possible for the dominance to crack. The women will be exciting to watch as well with a mix of veterans and new faces on the starting line.


Boxing can produce dramatic finishes given its nature as a combat sport. An interesting development has been the decision to allow pro athletes to join the event. It remains to be seen whether this will affect the outcome of the games. There is no doubt that the pros tend to have more experience but amateur contests have slightly different rules that they might have problems with. The final tally will reveal a great deal.