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2D Sideview & Overhead Scrolling Space Shooter

Evolutionary Prototype (EP) will be a pure arcade action video game.
There will be no "save and restore every 5 seconds" options spoiling the combat.
You will not have to read a 40-page manual to learn how to fly your prototype aircraft.
Pure skill, joystick dexterity, and fast reaction time will determine your success.

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  • Differences (from above games) Include:

  • High Resolution High Speed Graphics
  • Minimum 640x480 @ Full Framerate (60 FPS)
  • CD-Quality Digital Soundtrack
  • CD-Quality Digital Sound Effects
  • Full 3D Rendered Graphics
  • No 'Hand Drawn' Computer Art
  • 3D Rendered Full Motion Video Sequences
  • Pixel Perfect Collision Detection
  • Multiple Layers of Parallax Scrolling
  • 2 Player Game

    1. Alien force attacks Earth.
    2. Earth defends and eliminates current threat in local galaxy.
    3. Earth eliminates future threat by attacking Aliensí home planet.

    An alien race attacks Earth for an unknown reason. Regardless of the reason, Earth must defend and remove the threat of additional attacks. Battles with the alien forces will take place in several locations in our galaxy: on Earth, in space, on the Moon, on Mars, in the asteroid field, and finally on one of Jupiterís moons. Several of these areas contain strongholds that you must destroy. After cleansing our solar system of the alien threat, the human race discovers the location of the alienís home world. A decision is made to completely eliminate any future threats of invasion.

    The war is in an age where Earth is technologically advancing faster than it has ever before. You are a hot shot pilot, and are part of a chosen few to fly new specially designed fighter prototypes. Using a prototype nuclear fusion reactor, as opposed to the conventional fission reactor, these fighters have the capability to store enormous amounts of energy - and the capability to release it quickly, under control, preventing the ship from becoming an atomic bomb. This allows for high powered weapons normally only found in larger craft, and the ability to travel far distances without refueling. As the war goes on, the prototype of your craft remains under continual improvement. The missions requesting these prototypes become of greater and greater significance. The small size of the craft allows deep penetration into enemy forces, avoiding radar detection and targeting.

    At some point near the end of the local battles, the human race develops superluminal loophole technology, which allows for FTL (faster than light) space travel. Earth, in a race to beat the enemiesí communication signals back to their home planet, plans on giving the alien race a piece of itís own medicine - a totally unexpected surprise attack on their planet, before they are even aware that their space fleet is losing the war.

    The final battles take place outside of our galaxy: in hyperspace, in space entering enemy territory, and in several places on the alienís home planet for the toughest challenge, yet.

    16 Missions (Levels) each with their own objective (defeating an enemy stronghold).
    The objective will be the level's final boss. Most levels also contain a mid boss.
    The shareware version of Evolutionary Prototype will contain only the first 4 levels.

    The first 4 levels will be release as shareware:

      Style Location Mid Boss Final Boss
    1. Sideview Earth City Tank Transporter Super Helicopter
    2. Overhead Water / Forest on Earth Bomber / Submarine Anti-Aircraft Tank
    3. Sideview Earth Desert Base VTO Jet Nuclear Power Plant
    4. Overhead Upper Earth Atmosphere Orbiter Transporter Stealth Bomber
    Note: Sideview = Right to Left Scrolling level, Overhead = Top to Bottom Scrolling

    The remaining levels for the full version of the game:

      Style Location Mid Boss Final Boss
    5. Overhead Moon Base Communications Satellite Far Side Moon Base
    6. Sideview Mothership Core Defense System Mothership Core
    7. Overhead Mars Orbit Laser Reflection Satellite Defense Satellite
    8. Sideview Mars Base Exploration Vehicle Super Tank
    9. Sideview Asteroid Field Asteroid Field Splitter Super Carrier
    10. Sideview Io Base Third Class Destroyer Battle Station
    11. Sideview Hyperspace Transporter Middle Class Destroyer
    12. Sideview Enemy Planet Orbit Space Station Middle Class Destroyer
    13. Sideview Enemy City Top Class Destroyer Nuclear Powered Android
    14. Overhead Enemy Base Defense Nuclear Missile Site Front Base Defense Mech.
    15. Sideview Underground Base Central Defense Mech. Power Plant
    16. Sideview Super Battleship Defense System Super Computer
    Note: Sideview = Right to Left Scrolling level, Overhead = Top to Bottom Scrolling

    Feature your music in Evolutionary Prototype.

  • One song for each level described above (16)
  • One song for each levelís mid boss described above (16)
  • One song for each levelís final boss described above (16)
  • One song for the title screen / options screen / menu screens / etc. (1)
  • One song for the ending credits (1)
  • One song for each movie: intro (1), outro (1) & multiple cut-scenes (???)

  • Song must play & sound proper in our sound system test program.
  • Our sound system test program: midastest.zip
  • XM, IT, S3M, or MOD format
  • Compose XMs and MODs with Fast Tracker (FT2): Homepage, Download
  • Compose ITs and S3Ms with Impulse Tracker (IT): Homepage, Download
  • 16-bit ~44KHz samples
  • You can get some here: 700 megs of 16-bit Fast Tracker XIs
  • Song must loop (undetermined time length)
  • NO unauthorized ripped samples, we can't sell other people's work
  • Put your e-mail address/contact info in the song, not a separate file

  • Stereo samples / stereo effects a plus
  • No drum loops preferred (not a restriction, just donít steal beats)
  • Unlimited channels, we want professional sound; but be smart with it
  • Song should sound professional
  • A Ďtrackerí shouldnít be able to tell that it's Ďtrackedí
  • (Did you know Unreal was tracked in IT when you first heard it?)
  • Test it on those crappy PC speakers everyone has.
  • Donít get us wrong; the song should rock on a full-range stereo.

    Realize that some of these are old, but relatively speaking they kick ass.

  • Doom / Doom II (PC, SB Midi) (Bobby Prince) (RealAudio 3 samples)
    All Original Scores
    There is additional instrumentation, some of it non-MIDI (live performance).
    The tracks have been sonically enhanced.
  • At Doom's Gate
  • Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names)
  • The Demons From Adrian's Pen
  • Dark Halls
  • The Demon's Dead
  • Donna To The Rescue
  • Doom
  • The End Of Doom
  • They're Going To Get You
  • The Healer Stalks - Original Score
  • On The Hunt
  • Intermission from Doom
  • Opening To Hell
  • Demons On The Prey
  • Waiting For Romero To Play
  • Running From Evil
  • Into Sandy's City
  • Shawn's Got The Shotgun
  • Sinister
  • Suspense

  • Thunder Force II (Sega Genesis) (Tomomi Ontani) (MP3 Samples)
  • Music 06 - Original Score (off Sega Genesis)
  • Music 09 - Original Score (off Sega Genesis)

  • Silpheed (PC, Roland MT-32) (Game Arts of Japan) (MP3 Samples)
  • Legend of Silpheed - Original MT32 Score
  • Legend of Silpheed - Original Score (before MT32, recorded off damaged cassette)

  • Revenge of Shinobi (Sega Genesis) (Yuzo Koshiro) (MP3 Samples)
  • Long Distance - Original Score (off Sega Genesis)
  • Like A Wind - Original Score (off Sega Genesis)
  • Like A Wind - Remixed by our musician, Matthew Doucette

  • Streets of Rage 1 (Sega Genesis) (Yuzo Koshiro) (MP3 Samples)
  • Boss - Original Score (off Sega Genesis)
  • Round 1 - Original Score (off Sega Genesis)
  • Title - Original Score (off Sega Genesis)

  • Streets of Rage 2 (Sega Genesis) (Yuzo Koshiro) (MP3 Samples)
  • BGM 10 - Original Score (off Sega Genesis)

  • One Must Fall Demo (PC) (Kenny Chou) (Tracked Music) (MOD Sample)
  • Fall 1 - Original Score

  • Unreal (PC) (Alexander Brandon) (Tracked Music) (MP3 Samples)
  • Dig - Original Score
  • Skytown - Original Score
  • Unreal Euro Dance Mix

  • Second Reality (PC) (Jonne Valtonen) (Tracked Music) (PC Demo; Not a Game) (MOD/MP3 Samples)
  • Second Reality (S3M) - Original Score
  • Second Reality (MP3) - Remastered

  • We will have a FTP site up soon to submit your work.
    For now, please contact us if you are interested.

    Here are some sample songs (MP3s) tracked by our musician, Matthew Doucette:

    Composition for our town's CD-ROM project:

  • Yarmouth CD-ROM Intro Score

    Unfinished Evolutionary Prototype Game Music:

  • Alien Storm
  • Straight Forward
  • Boss
  • Rush Hour
  • Inspiration
  • 164
  • Deep Inside

  • Feature your sound effects in Evolutionary Prototype.
    We'll accept effects in WAV and RAW format.

    We will have a FTP site up soon to submit your work.
    For now, please contact us if you are interested.

    Feature your hand drawn designs in Evolutionary Prototype.
    We can create 3D Models from designs you create.

    IMPORTANT: Evolutionary Prototype is a 2D game.
    This means that your sketches must look good from
    the top view and/or side view without perspective.

    We will have a FTP site up soon to submit your work.
    For now, please contact us if you are interested.

    Here's an example of creating 3D models from hand drawn designs.
    Design and modeling by our graphics artist, Ray Chan:

    Feature your graphics in Evolutionary Prototype.

    IMPORTANT: Evolutionary Prototype is a 2D game.
    This means that your sketches must look good from
    the top view and/or side view without perspective.

    We will have a FTP site up soon to submit your work.
    For now, please contact us if you are interested.

    Here are some past sample designs by our graphics artist, Ray Chan:

    None at this time.

    Name Jobs
    Jason Doucette
    (Resume / Contact)
  • Lead Programmer
  • Lead Game Design
  • Graphics Engine Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business
  • Matthew Doucette
    (Resume / Contact)
  • Game Designer
  • Programmer
  • Music Composer
  • Sound Engineer
  • 3D Artist
  • Computer Animator
  • Web Site
  • Business
  • Ray Chan
  • Senior 3D Artist
  • Computer Animator

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