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Tandy 1000 SX
2015/Nov/30 — Matthew Doucette
A small tribute to the Tandy 1000 SX, an IBM PC compatible home computer.

Running CityDesk on Windows Vista/7/8/10
2013/Sep/17 — Matthew Doucette
How to modify CityDesk to run on Windows 8, or Windows 7, or Windows Vista.

Our Own NES Game Genie Codes
2013/Sep/09 — Matthew Doucette
Some NES Game Genie codes I created as a child!

Munch Man - TI-99/4A
2013/Jun/03 — Matthew Doucette
Munch man, a TI-99/4A game. One of our favorites.

TI Invaders - TI-99/4A
2013/Jun/03 — Matthew Doucette
TI Invaders, the inspiration behind Decimation X series.

Nintendo Love
2012/Nov/21 — Matthew Doucette
Some Nintendo stats. Very impressive stuff. With a tidbit comparison of Nintendo and Sega at the end.

Turbo Pascal's 64-bit comp Type
2006/Jul/29 — Jason Doucette
Some history: Exactly what was the deal with Turbo Pascal's mongrel 64-bit integer type, comp, which was handled as a floating point type?  Why is its smallest value -(2^63)+1 instead of the expected -2^63 for a signed 8-byte integer?

The TI-99/4A Home Computer
2006/Apr/15 — Matthew Doucette
A small tribute to the TI-99/4A Home Computer.

Rare Parsec Facts - TI-99/4A
2006/Apr/15 — Matthew Doucette
Very rare facts about Parsec, one of the TI-99/4A's most popular games.

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