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Matthew Doucette: Xbox MVP Award!
2017/Oct/02 — Matthew Doucette
Microsoft has awarded Matthew Doucette the Xbox MVP Award for the second year in a row!

Matthew Doucette: Xbox MVP Award!
2016/Aug/01 — Matthew Doucette
Microsoft has awarded Matthew Doucette the Xbox MVP Award!

Practicing Self-Care as an Entrepreneur
2016/Jul/21 — Matthew Doucette
Futurpreneur features Matthew Doucette and other entrepreneurs in their celebration of International Self-Care Day.

Ego is the Enemy
2016/Jul/06 — Matthew Doucette
Sharing Ryan Holiday's thoughts on, "ego is the enemy".

Matthew Doucette: Keynote Speaker at Game Space AV
2015/Jun/29 — Matthew Doucette
Matthew Doucette was invited to be keynote speaker at the first annual Game Space Annapolis Valley!

Powerful Education Videos
2015/Apr/17 — Matthew Doucette
A few powerful education videos I keep coming back to, so I decided to post them here.

Matthew Doucette: CJLS Radio Interview on Bizcraft
2015/Mar/22 — Matthew Doucette
Matthew is interviewed by Kevin Northup on a CJLS radio program, The WEEKENDER.

Matthew Doucette: Keynote Speaker at Bizcraft
2015/Mar/14 — Matthew Doucette
Matthew was invited to be the keynote speaker at Bizcraft, a youth entrepreneurship event for Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Alexander Bruce: Inspirational Indie Developer
2014/Jun/06 — Matthew Doucette
Sharing some of the most inspirational indie game developer speeches by Alexander Bruce of Antichamber fame.

Take Risks
2013/Aug/27 — Matthew Doucette
Some thoughts on why you should take risks.

To Do List Template For Everyone
2013/Feb/21 — Matthew Doucette
A "to do list" template for everyone.

Don't Stop
2013/Jan/28 — Matthew Doucette
Funny but motivating coincidence.

Aaron Swartz
2013/Jan/27 — Matthew Doucette
Aaron Swartz rant by The Amazing Atheist.

Honoring Seumas McNally
2013/Jan/12 — Matthew Doucette
Just a blog post honoring Seumas McNally and respecting IGF for doing the same.

"How I come to be Xona-Infected?"
2011/Jun/20 — Matthew Doucette
A true fans account of Xona Games. Very inspiring.

Xona Games Inspires!
2010/Sep/23 — Matthew Doucette
Xona Games in NSBI's 2009/2010 Annual Report.

Living the Dream!!!
2010/Aug/09 — Matthew Doucette
Living the Dream: Developers finding success in Canada's East Coast

Indie Inspiration
2010/May/17 — Matthew Doucette
Inspirational facebook chat with Elysian Shadows developer, Falco Girgis.

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