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Lap Time Notes

Notes from our lap times, some pertaining to particular events.


Lap Time Accuracy:

Lap times are recorded manually, usually by Randy Carston and Matthew Doucette and then sometimes others. We use the top time to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. The begining and ending location of the lap is chosen near the end of the uphill straight to ensure the final lap is not cut off.

When we compare our times, we are within 0.05 seconds of each other almost always. That said, there was a circumstance where the times were 0.10 seconds off and we still went with the fastest time. Human error is at play here. Also, there are variances from different timers chosing slightly different being/end points, which are to be expected and therefore the times should be slightly different. Eventually we hope to do official digital timing at the same location everytime.

It would be proper to consider the lap times +/-0.05s accurate.


Lap Time Notes:

*These lap times were set at another event, the Annual Thanksgiving Weekend SmokeFest 2014.

**Tentative lap times. We confused these two lap times, as only "Civic 22.72s" was recorded at event #2. Does that mean the Civic SI Sedan or Civic DX Hatchback? Randy Carston and Matthew Doucette talked it over and both thought it was the SI that did this run. Kolby Pothier thinks his hatchback ran a 22.3s. So we went with both those times. The next time either car runs we will remove these tentative times and replace them with the new verified times.

***These are stock cars (racing cars), a production-based automobile used in racing. They are modified according to the Southwest Stock Car Association (SWSCA) rules for Sunfire/Cavalier class. They are 1995-2002 models, with the standard 2.2L 115 HP engine, with stripped interiors (no extra seats or windows except windshield), with tuned individual tire pressures at all four corners for consistent left turning on Lake Doucette Motor Speedway. They weigh around 2,350..2,400 lbs.


If anyone has additional concerns, please contact us!


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