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Google Adsense
2014/Sep/19 — Matthew Doucette
We just put up some Google Ads to pay our website costs.

Domains, Domains, Domains
2014/Apr/02 — Matthew Doucette
Just talk about all our domains. We just picked up xona.org, finally.

Running CityDesk on Windows Vista/7/8/10
2013/Sep/17 — Matthew Doucette
How to modify CityDesk to run on Windows 8, or Windows 7, or Windows Vista.

Our Own NES Game Genie Codes
2013/Sep/09 — Matthew Doucette
Some NES Game Genie codes I created as a child!

How to Install FileZilla FTP Server
2010/Sep/08 — Matthew Doucette
How to install FileZilla FTP Server. Not so easy for the first timer.

Was Gmail Down For Everyone?
2009/Sep/01 — Matthew Doucette
How to tell if Gmail is down for everyone, or just you.

Xona.com's Top 10 Articles of 2008
2009/Apr/05 — Matthew Doucette
Xona.com's Top 10 most visited articles of 2008.

Google Search Tips For Webmasters
2006/Jun/22 — Matthew Doucette
Some useful webmaster tips for checking out your site in Google.

How To Upgrade phpBB
2006/Apr/24 — Matthew Doucette
A simple step-by-step tutorial guiding you on how to upgrade your phpBB bulletin board system to a newer version.

Update: Google DOES Honor 301 Permanent Redirects
2005/Jul/21 — Matthew Doucette
These are my experiences with Google's and Yahoo's handling of 301 permanent redirects.

Domain Hacks & Email Hacks
2004/Nov/03 — Matthew Doucette
Background info on "domain hacks" (del.icio.us, blo.gs, cr.yp.to) and "email hacks" (j@m.es, w@y.ne).

Google Gmail Invites
2004/Oct/17 — Matthew Doucette
Here are some free Gmail invites, Google's awesome new online email.

Stop Spam Mail
2004/Jun/17 — Matthew Doucette
Here are various ways I stop spam emails without using an email filter.

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