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Sunday, July 23, 2006
By: Matthew Doucette

(Updated June 2nd, 2012.)

I go by the call sign Xonatron for my music, among other things. Here's some music samples, made in Fast Tracker 2 (FT2) and Fruity Loops 3 (FL3) which is now called FL Studio. Subscribe to my SoundCloud (higher quality) or YouTube playlist.

Full Listing:

Here is a full listing of all my songs on SoundCloud. To see details of individual songs, see below:


Like A Wind Remix:

This was done years ago, either 1999 or 2000, in Fast Tracker 2, using samples from a Sega Genesis emulator. The entire song was tracked with individual notes. not "loop recorded".

The original song was composed by the amazing Yuzo Koshiro.

In an interesting turn of events, our first video game Decimation X became Japan's #1 top rated Xbox LIVE Indie Game and the first game to knock us off our pedistal to #2 was Protect Me Knight, produced by Ancient Corp., a company Yuzo Koshiro started! I considered this to be an honor. Since that time, we have had many top games in Japan:

Top rated XBLIG games in Japan (May 8th, 2011):

  1. REVOLVER360
  2. まもって騎士 (Protect Me Knight) (Yuzo Koshiro's game)
  3. Score Rush (Xona Games)
  4. Decimation X (Xona Games)
  5. Decimation X3 (Xona Games)

Here are the current ranks. Click but be warned that some hackers have knocked us illegitimately from our rankings. Read more here:  Xona Games Targeted For Rating Manipulation Abuse, Twice.

We have three games in the top 5, but none have beaten out Yuzo Koshiro's game!

Here's the original, in case you were wondering how close this was. I can't compare to Yuzo Koshiro even with a remix! The Revenge of Shinobi - Like A Wind Remix - Yuzo Koshiro: http://youtu.be/3oWIlGb_Iu4.


Whiplashed - JFK Whiplash Gumball 3000 Remix:

This is a song I composed in 2002 or 2003 with Fruity Loops 3.

It is a remix of "Whiplash" by JFK, but contains extra composition. Not all notes are original works by JFK. If JFK has any problems with this video, I will glady and quickly take it down. I am just a fan.

I first heard of "Whiplash" from the Mischief 3000 Episode II underground car racing video by Teckademics, which features the Gumball 3000 rally.

Turns out Dustin, the creator of the Mischief series digs my remix:

hahaha. Funny when I edited the Mischief 3000 trailer back in '02 I never thought this song was going to be a hit! Good remix man! - Dustin, creator of the Mischief series

And here's "Whiplash" by JFK, in the Mischief 3000 Episode II trailer I first listened to it in. "Mischief 3000" (2002) - Gumball 3000 movie trailer: Whiplash by JFK starts at 0:48: http://youtu.be/uZnNSFizpoE?t=48s.


Popcorn Remix:

This is a song I composed in 2002 or 2003 with Fruity Loops 3.

It is a remix of "Popcorn" originally by Gershon Kingsley in 1969 and later by Hot Butter, an instrumental cover band, in 1972. (If Gershon Kingsley or Hot Butter has any problems with the content of this video, I will glady and quickly take it down. I am just a fan.)

I first heard of "Popcorn" from Digger, a PC game by Windmill Software. Check out http://www.digger.org/ for in-depth information on Digger. Here's a video of Digger, notice the 4 color CGA graphics: Digger (PC): http://youtu.be/7kz0_KWIMEU.


Hell's Gate:

This is a tracker song I composed in 2001 with Fast Tracker 2 for an Unreal Tournament (1999 version) capture the flag map, called Hell's Gate, that was unreleased.



This is a tracker song I composed in 2000 or 2001 with Fast Tracker 2. It was inspired by Yuzo Koshiro's Streets of Rage intro music, a video game for the Sega Genesis.



This is a song I composed in 2002 or 2003 with Fruity Loops 3. The name is pronounced like "dot-com", and the spelling came from an early Xbox LIVE commercial which shows many gamers meeting up and playing online, all with cool gamertags (and even voice modifcation). One of the guys had a Gamertag "Dot-Calm". I loved it. Hence this techno track's name!

Here's the song that inspired "Dot-Calm": Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim: http://youtu.be/ub747pprmJ8.

Furthermore, "Right Here, Right Now" I first heard from Ray Chan's 3D rendering portfolio demo. Ray's a good friend of ours and he was going to be our first graphics artist for Saw Tooth Distortion, what eventually (10 years later) became Xona Games!


All of these are hosted on my YouTube channel. Please subscribe! UPDATE: Please check out my SoundCloud for higher quality version of my music than on YouTube (which has someone degraded my sound quality a couple years ago.)



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