Our Friends

Indie Game Developers:

Most of us met on the Xbox LIVE Indie Games (XBLIG) platform or in our local gaming community. Cuirass Entertainment, Game Radiator, Hard Chill Games, Mage Rage GamesMudMonger, Enfenyx GamesTwisted Oak Studios, and Wintergarden Game Design are all from our province, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Mage Rage Games and Wintergarden Game Design are also based in our home town, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada! P.S. MudMonger founder was originally from Yarmouth, too!

Stephen Brown of Game Radiator created the Score Rush Extended trailers.



Imphenzia is our musician for our Decimation X series and Dragon Music is our musician for our Score Rush series. Combined, both Imphenzia and Dragon Music are musicians for Duality ZF, in a unique dual soundtrack design that flows well with numerous duality concepts in the game. I want to extend a shout out and extend my gratitude to both Stefan Persson of Imphenzia and Nick Dragonas of Dragon Music for their support in the early stages of Xona Games.


Publishers and Platforms:

Reverb is our publisher of Decimation X3 and Score Rush. Turbulenz is our distributor of our HTML5 version of Score Rush, and together we have won impressive awards.



We met Dave Voyles on the Xbox LIVE Indie Games (XBLIG) platform. Decimation X3 was a part of the Indie Games Winter Uprising and Dave ran the second Indie Games Summer Uprising and third Indie Games Uprising III.

Jason Hurlbert and Kris Hemeon are lifelong friends of ours. We grew up together and played every console generation from generation 1 pong consoles to the current generation 8 Xbox One and PS4 consoles. We are the last generation to experience the full history of video games first hand. Jason Hurlbert, who has amassed an impressive list of Xbox LIVE game completions and achievements, has beta-tested all of our games. Kris Hemeon has also beta-tested our games. Here are a few videos of the four of us playing Xona Games titles:

4 lifelong friends playing Decimation X3.
Developers: Matthew Doucette (red) and Jason Doucette (blue).
Beta Testers: Jason Hurlbert (green) and Kris Hemeon (yellow).

4 lifelong friends playing Score Rush.
Developers: Matthew Doucette (red) and Jason Doucette (blue).
Beta Testers: Kris Hemeon (green) and Jason Hurlbert (yellow).

Matthew met Anna and Myke in our province, Nova Scotia, Canada. Anna is an all-around indie game dev found at game jams everywhere, and Myke graduated from NSCC Game Development program, where Matthew is faculty in the Game Programming concentration and faculty working group chair of the program.

Finally, A47 (web, twitter, youtube) was a fan-turned-friend of Xona Games. He helped us out with the Kanji lettering in our Duality ZF and Score Rush Extended logos.

Indie Game Reviewers:

There are probably lots more missing in this list.


That is all.