Hyperbol (hīpərˈbōl) is an exploratory visit through a museum of voxel artwork, in an emotional, exaggerated, non-Euclidean world. It may even include magic... and theft. The path forward seems straight and simplistic, but is perhaps just an illusion. It is our Global Game Jam 2019 entry.

Hyperbol (WIP) YouTube playlist.

What's In A Name?

The name Hyperbol (hīpərˈbōl) comes from a play between hyperbole (exaggerations) and hyperbolic (a form of non-Euclidean geometry). The essence of the game was to exist in a universe that contains both. It also is a slight play on Megamind, who pronounces everything literally; I related to Megamind, as I once thought "hyperbole" was pronouced "hīpərˈbōl".



Hyperbol, a Global Game Jam 2019 entry.



Game Prototyping:

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