Sunday, January 16, 2022
By: Matthew Doucette

NanoSnake was developed while prototyping Kakeru. I was creating player-seeking enemies and decided to have them seek themselves.



I decided to pull this effect out of Kakeru and call in NanoSnake. Now it is a single snake made up of 20,000 individually intelligent nanites.

Here's the playlist, which will evolve further overtime:

NanoSnake YouTube playlist.

While showing it off to Jason and Myke Wills, I discovered that certain parameters would give singularity properties, where the system would collapse over time to a single or double loop system, that no one would be able to tell was made up of 20,000 nanites. Videos of this coming in the next week.


Categorization Confusion:

I was not sure if I should categorize this under computer graphics demo effects, simulations, and/or AI. Nanites have the potential to be all three.



Here's where it first happened in Kakeru:

Kakeru 乗数 (Prototype) - NanoSnake (Snake-like Enemy AI) (Emergent Behaviour)

I called the loops "furls." Some of the erratic behaviour is cased by each enemy having different speeds and different turning radiuses. There are 20,000 enemies here, running at 144 frames per second


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