Math Theory

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Math Theory:

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  1. Half-life Simulation
  2. Matthew's Numbers
  3. Fibonacci and Leonardo Numbers
  4. Lowest Unused Anti-Prime (Highly Composite Number) Factors (a new number sequence)
  5. Highly Composite Numbers (Anti-Primes) (numbers with highest divisibility of all numbers smaller)
  6. Dollar Words (adding up word values assuming A=1, B=2, C=3, etc.)
  7. Prime Factorizations
  8. Not-So-Random Pi (estimating Pi via uniformly distributed numbers)
  9. Random Pi (estimating Pi via random numbers)
  10. The Exploration Thereof... (non-Euclidean geometry)
  11. Most Delayed Palindrome (world record)
  12. 196 Palindrome Quest (world record)


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