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Top Domain Hacks:

"Top Domain Hacks" list is RETIRED, as of September 14th, 2005.

Visit WikiPedia's domain hack article instead, which contains a continually updated list of registered and active domain hacks. Anyone can freely edit this Wikipedia page without registration. Please go there now to add any and all domain hacks you know of.

For historical purposes, Domain Hacks achieved exactly 17,644 raw page views at the moment of this retiring.

Retired list below:

These domain hacks are listed in chronological order of their appendage to this page. rome.ro was first and the latest additions are at the bottom. (This list is retired.)
  1. rome.ro

  2. inter.net

  3. del.icio.us

  4. hi.fi

  5. infote.ch

  6. tech.no

  7. gamecu.be

  8. tetr.is

  9. ab.cd

  10. ven.us

  11. plu.to

  12. e.tc

  13. movi.es

  14. mov.ie

  15. kr.is

  16. kev.in

  17. who.is

  18. windo.ws

  19. p.ro

  20. prof.it

  21. pro.am

  22. fir.st

  23. la.st

  24. blo.gs

  25. sear.ch

  26. becau.se

  27. columni.st

  28. stop.spamming.us

  29. doma.in

  30. mic.ro

  31. na.no

  32. databa.se

  33. populicio.us

  34. xa.bi

This list, by no means, states the above domain names intend to spell out the full words in which the TLD is a part of the word. For example, "infote.ch" appears to spell "infotech", however, you must assume it stands for "infote" located in Switzerland (.ch), unless otherwise stated on the website.

Also, we hold no responsibility for any content found on the above websites.

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