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Award Winning Indie Game Studio

Also known for Duality ZF (unreleased).

Who Are We?
Xona Games is an award-winning, indie games studio
best known for intense retro games, #1 Japan shmup hits,
and winning $180,000. Our story.

Current Project:
Score Rush Extended (PS4).

Last Release:
Score Rush MP (HTML5):
Play online multiplayer, or single player, in your browser
with leaderboards and badges.

2015/Apr/17Powerful Education Videos
2015/Apr/09Two Canadian Kickstarter Games
2015/Mar/22Matthew Doucette: CJLS Radio Interview on Bizcraft
2015/Mar/14Matthew Doucette: Keynote Speaker at Bizcraft
2015/Feb/12Matthew Doucette: Guest Speaker on Artificial Intelligence

Prize Money:
$100,000: I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition.
$50,000: Tizen App Challenge.
$20,000: Roger's Small Business Contest (#1 in Canada).
$1,000: WP7COMP Winner.

Finalist: Dream.Build.Play (#5 in world, #1 in Canada).
Finalist: Dream.Build.Play (#7 in world, #2 in Canada).
Semi-Finalist: IndiePub Competition: Technical excellence.
Top Picked: IGN, IGWU, Famitsu, Gamasutra, Joystiq.

TV: CBC TV News, Reviews On The Run, Game Code TV.
Magazines: Retro Gamer, Develop, Famitsu, OXM.
Internet: GDCMajor Nelson.

Top Rated / Best Selling:
3 of top 5 games in Japan: out of all Xbox LIVE Indie Games.
#1 in Japan: Decimation X, Decimation X3, and Score Rush.
3 of top 7 multiplayer shmups in U.S.

Xona Games, Xona.com, Xonatech, Saw Tooth Distortion, Evolutionary Prototype (EP), Duality ZF, Decimation X, Decimation X2,
Decimation X3, Decimation X3.5, Decimation X4, Score Rush, Score Rush 2, Score Rush MP, and Score Rush Extended (Score Rush EX)
trademarked and copyrighted by Xona Games Inc., Jason Doucette, and/or Matthew Doucette.
© 2000..2005 Saw Tooth Distortion
© Xona.com
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We make Intense Retro games.