Award-Winning Xbox/PlayStation Game Studio

Xona Games is an award-winning Xbox and PlayStation indie games studio,
known for intense retro games, #1 Japan shmup hits, and winning $180,000.
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Score Rush Extended 撃点 officially released on PS4
and announced on the PlayStation.Blog (North AmericaEurope).
80 Metacritic.

Score Rush (X360)

Decimation X3 (X360)

Decimation X2 (WP)

Decimation X (X360)
Also see Duality ZF.


  • $100,000: I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition.
  • $50,000: Tizen App Challenge.
  • $20,000: Roger's Small Business Contest (#1 in Canada).
  • $1,000: WP7COMP Winner.
  • $850: Atlantic Lottery Hackathon


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