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Xona Games is an award-winning Xbox and PlayStation indie game studio, co-founded by Matthew Doucette and Jason Doucette. We make arcade-style intense retro games and best known for our $180,000 contest wins and our #1 shmup hits in Japan. Xona Games headquarters is located in Ignite Labs, an incubator co-founded by Matthew (previously The Hub Yarmouth, a co-working space also co-founded by Matthew).

Jason Doucette (left) and Matthew Doucette (right) of Xona Games.

Matthew and Jason have been coding games since they were seven years old, before they owned a computer. Their first personal computer was a TI-99/4A and second a Tandy 1000 SX. Starting in early elementary school, they developed a "game code", a formulated and sometimes philosophical list of do's and don't's by which all of their games abide.

Xona Games is the realization of a lifelong passion.

Matthew (left) and Jason (center) in Xona Games studios.

We have won prestigious awards (Innovacorp's $100,000 prize, Tizen's $50,000 prize, Roger's $20,000 prize) and received worldwide press (Develop, Retro Gamer, Famitsu, Reviews On The Run, Official Xbox Magazine). We have won over $180,000 in contests. Our games have been rated from #1 in Canada (Duality ZF in Dream Build Play 2010) to #1 in Japan (Decimation X and Decimation X3 on XBLIG), and been top picks across many categories (IGN, Famitsu, Gamasutra, Joystiq). Every game we developed, released or not, has won awards.

Jason (left) and Matthew (right), in the Xona Games studios.

Our games have also become #1 best sellers in multiple countries (Decimation X, Decimation X3, and Score Rush). We have dominated the Japanese market with three of the top five games and two best sellers, simultaneously. We have dominated XBLIG with 3 of the top 7 four-player shoot 'em ups and out of thousands of developers we are 1 of 3 studios to produce 3 or more 4+ star rated titles.

Jason (left) and Matthew (right) in Xona Games studios.

Our game engine technology was recognized for technical excellence (IndiePub semi-finalist). Microsoft invited our studio to develop a launch title for their Windows Phone 7 launch (Decimation X2). We have strong indie ties and were chosen to represent the Indie Games Winter Uprising. Our only mobile title won a highly commended award in WP7COMP, a Microsoft-supported Windows Phone 7 Competition, and was the only game that placed (the rest were "apps"). Turbulenz, a new online gaming platform, funded us to develop a launch title (Score Rush port) and even turned one of our games into a cake!

Regular Xona Games logo, as featured in our games and trailers.

Our games feature beautiful Imphenzia and hard-rocking Dragon Music Productions soundtracks, and are 4-player shoot 'em ups. Expect to see more genres exploited for their true potential in the future, including racing and beat 'em ups. We have only just begun. To see what we are currently working on, visit our developer's blog. Also check out our friends who have all done amazing things in the indie gaming industry!

Score Rush Extended 撃点 (PS4) title sreen.

Gaming Conferences:

We have attended many international game conferences, including MIGS '09, GDC (GDC '10, GDC '11, GDC '12, GDC '13, GDC '14, GDC '17, GDC '18), Game Connection (at GDC '10), and PAX (PAX East '12, PAX Prime '12, PAX East '13, PAX East '14, PAX East '16, PAX East '17, PAX East '18).

We also attend local game conferences. In Nova Scotia, these include Hal-Con (Hal-Con '13, Hal-Con '16, Hal-Con' 17, Hal-Con' 18), Game Space AV (Game Space AV '15, Game Space AV '16), and Spring Geequinox '17. In our next province over, we attend the New Brunswick game conferences Jalloo (Jalloo '10, Jalloo '13, Jalloo '15, Jalloo '16, Jalloo '17).

We had a Xona Games booth at GDC '11, GDC '12, GDC '13, GDC '18, Hal-Con '16, Hal-Con' 17, Hal-Con' 18, Jalloo '10, Jalloo '13, Jalloo '15, Jalloo '16, and Jalloo '17. We placed in PAX East Geometry Wars 2 gaming competitions: second (PAX East '12) and first (PAX East '13). Matthew Doucette was the keynote speaker at Game Space AV '15 and Game Space AV '16.


Government Support:

We have been supported by many levels of the Canadian government.

Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) first supported our attendance to international game conferences by sending us to MIGS with a "Business Lounge" VIP pass! This is where we first met Valve, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Eventually Innovacorp and NSBI helped send us to our first GDC and Game Connection with a GDC Expo floor booth. We have gone to nearly every GDC since. NSBI also included us in the Nova Scotian "Your Studio Here" promotions and given us a GDC Play booth. ACOA has funded our game development ventures, helping us land on PS4, and continue to support us targetting Xbox One and Steam. We have even been congratulated by Nova Scotia's House of Assembly. We can now add NSCC Truro Campus to the list, as they help fund our GDC trips as Matthew Doucette is the core faculty member of their Game Development and Game Development Generalist Concentration (game programming and design concentration) programs.

The New Brunswick government has helped promote our games via Jalloo, a gaming festival hosted by NBCC Miramichi. The Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Technology Industries (NATI) has helped fund us with all access GDC passes. The Consulate of Canada Silicon Valley has funded us with GDC Expo passes.



We have developed for many game platforms:

In the future we plan to develop for more game platforms:

  • Xbox One
  • Windows PC - Steam
  • Nintendo Wii -WiiWare
  • Nintendo Switch
  • AppStore - iPhone/iPad
  • Android



Matthew interviewed by Game Code TV (blog entry).

Jason at GDC 2012 (blog entry).

Matthew on the "Are You Smarter Than A CEO?" contest (blog entry).

Matthew (left) and Jason (right) at GDC 2010 (blog entry).

Xona Games winning $100,000 (blog entry).

Xona Games on CBC TV News (blog entry).

As Gamers:

We are also avid gamers. We have both beat the R-Type, Raiden, and Raiden II arcades. My old notes show that we both beat 1943: The Battle of Midway arcade together. We can complete NES versions of Contra and Super-C with one life, twice over. We are huge shoot'em up fans, as you may know. Jason has beat 15+ Xbox LIVE games and can beat the OutRun arcade. Matthew has beat 70 NES games, 100+ Xbox LIVE games, and many other games, as well as competed and placed first and second in PAX East's Geometry Wars 2 contest (in 2013 and 2012).

Here's some examples of our gameplay:

Matthew playing Pacifism in Geometry Wars 2, scoring 600 million / 705 worldwide rank.

Unrecorded, in Pacifism, Matthew obtained a peak rank of #553 worldwide out of about 300,000 players and separately a peak score of 890 million points.

Matthew (left; blue) and Jason (right; red) beating Super-C in 17 minutes at PAX East 2012 (blog entry).

Jason getting the Cardiogram achievement (Score an overall AAA in Heart Attack Mode) in OutRun Online Arcade.


*Original photoshoot article: Xona Games NSBI Photoshoot! Photos by John Sherlock.


Other Work:

We don't just make games, we have other interests too.


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