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Japan's #1 Top Rated #1 Best Selling XBLIG: Decimation X
Tuesday, January 19, 2010
By: Matthew Doucette

Download: Decimation X (XBLIG; 80 MSP)

Decimation X  is the #1 top rated (current rank) and #1 best selling (current rank) XBLIG in Japan!

Decimation X: Japan's #1 top rated XBLIG (current rank).

Decimation X: Japan's #1 best selling XBLIG (current rank).


Decimation X: Last enemies of each stage move and shoot quick!

Support us by rating Decimation X on Xbox LIVE or the Xbox dashbaord. Each rating is very powerful due to their low numbers! Every vote counts!  Also check out our media coverage for, so far, all favorable and one hundred percentage positive Decimation X reviews!


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