Awards, Honors, & Accomplishments

Recognition of the company and its games. One intriguing accomplishment is every project we have worked on, released or not, has won awards, including our game engines, Xona Games as an incorporation, and its authors


Contest and Funding Winnings:


  • 2018-Jan: $2,400: GDC Alumni All Access Pass (NATI)
  • 2018-Jan: $315: GDC Expo Pass (Consulate of Canada Silicon Valley)
  • 2015-Oct: $29,000: Financing + Mentoring (Futurpreneur)
  • 2014-Jun: $50,000: Business Development Program; Productivity & Business Skills (ACOA)
  • 2014-Jun: $13,000: Self Employment Program (Labour and Advanced Education)
  • 2014-Jun: PSN: PS4 Development Kits (Sony)
  • 2013-Sep: ID@Xbox: Xbox One Development Kits; Top 50 pick for Xbox One indie development (Microsoft)
  • 2013-Mar: $22,000: Private Funding
  • 2010..2014: BizSpark Startup program: Development Software (Microsoft)

Business Development Contests:

Game Development Contests:

Best Selling Games:

    Top Picked Games:

    Top Rated Games:

    Top Reviewed Games:

    Launch Titles:

    Education / Industry Awards:

    Game Conference Booths / Displays:

    • 2017-Jun: Jalloo '17 New Brunswick booth (NBCC Miramichi)
    • 2016-Jun: Jalloo '16 New Brunswick booth (NBCC Miramichi)
    • 2015-Jun: Jalloo '15 New Brunswick booth (NBCC Miramichi)
    • 2013-Jun: Jalloo '13 New Brunswick booth (NBCC Miramichi)
    • 2013-Mar: GDC 2013 San Francisco booth (NSBI)
    • 2012-Mar: GDC 2012 San Francisco booth (NSBI)
    • 2011-Mar: GDC 2011 San Francisco booth (NSBI)
    • 2010-Jun: Jalloo '10 New Brunswick booth (NBCC Miramichi)
    • 2009-Nov: MIGS '09 "Business Lounge" VIP pass (NSBI)
    • see more game conference attendances at our about page...

    Game Competitions:

    Speed Runs:

    No Miss Runs:

    Guest Speaker:

    • 2017-Apr: Guest Speaker: AVRSB@21C Student Innovation Conference (at Acadia University): Rural Entrepreneurship Panel.
    • 2017-Apr: Keynote Speaker: AVRSB@21C Student Innovation Conference (at Acadia University): on Rural Entrepreneurship (tweets: 1,2).
    • 2016-Nov: Guest Speaker: Truro Tech Tuesday: on Matthew Doucette (on Xona Games and NSCC Game Development).
    • 2016-Nov: Guest Speaker: Enter the Games Industry Panel: Hal-Con 2016.
    • 2016-Oct: Guest Speaker: Game Development Panel: GameSpace Annapolis Valley 2016.
    • 2015-Aug: Guest Speaker: Break Into Business children's camp (tweet).
    • 2015-Jul: Guest Speaker: Business is Jammin' (Black Business Initiative) .
    • 2015-Jun: Keynote Speaker: GameSpace Annapolis Valley 2015.
    • 2015-Mar: Keynote Speaker: Bizcraft: youth entrepreneurship.
    • 2015-Feb: Guest Speaker: 1T - First Thursday, a technology meetup: on Artificial Intelligence.
    • 2014-Jun: Guest Speaker: 1T - First Thursday, a technology meetup: on Xona Games.
    • 2013-Nov: Guest Speaker: Entrepreneurship Seminar: on rural entrepreneurship (Universit√© Sainte-Anne).
    • 2011-Oct: Keynote Speaker: Invited to present as keynote speaker at 2011 Export Achievement Awards (Nova Scotia).
    • 2011-Sep: Guest Speaker: I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition 2011 (Innovacorp).
    • 2010-Mar: Guest Speaker: Innovation Social (Innovacorp, NSCC, Regional Development Authority).
    • 2010-Feb: Guest Speaker: Business Over Breakfast: on software pricing (Innovacorp).


    • coming soon...

    Easter Egg Features (in Other Games):

    Newsworthy Internet Features:



    Radio Interviewed:



    Government Features:

    Misc. Invitations:



    True Fans:


    We hope to continue to add to this list with successful future games.

    Follow our blog for latest updates, meet the team of two behind Xona Games, read our story, or visit our media resources to feature us.


    Notes and Details:

    • We have been 100% self-funded. All of our business funding has been earned by winning competitive contests that had cash value prizes.  
    • Here is how we calculated we were a top 50 indie games studio picked by Microsoft's ID@Xbox program: It is calculated from a primay list of 28 indie studios Microsoft announced, plus the additional 16 indie studios that Ska Studios discovered (of which we are one), which totals 44 indie studios, plus our internal and private knowledge of when we are receiving our two free development kits from Microsoft compared to others we know of. We are likely in the top 30 out of known studios to us, and considering that unknown studios to us may be ranked before us, we have calculated a guess we are in the top 50 to be fair. To be clear, to the knowledge available to us, we are in the top 30 indie studios to have received free development kits from ID@Xbox. This is not an accurate science as Microsoft does not reveal much information on other indie studios. Read "Don't Forget, Xona Games is in ID@Xbox too!" for more information.
    • Innovacorp is a Nova Scotia crown corporation that manages an early-stage venture capital fund.
    • Rogers is a public Canadian communications company. Their "Small Business Big Idea Giveaway Contest" was nation-wide, so we placed 1st in Canada.
    • Universit√© Sainte-Anne is the only French-language post-secondary institution in Nova Scotia, Canada.
    • Business Over Breakfast is a series of discussions featuring a variety of subject matter experts and entrepreneurs. The events bring together Innovacorp clients from across Nova Scotia, business professionals, industry representatives, students and other key stakeholders.
    • "Shmup" stands for shoot 'em up, also known as 2D shooters and STGs, as well as side-scrolling shooters and overhead shooters.
    • WP7COMP was not a gaming contest, and Decimaton X2 was the only game to place; The rest of the winners were apps.
    • In the "Top Rated" listing, "overall" is defined by all AAA retail, XBLA, and XBLIG games combined; The "overall" rankings include not just indie games but all Xbox 360 games.
    • In the "Top Rated" listing, " shooter" is a defined Xbox genre and category, which includes both  first person shooters (FPS) and shoot 'em ups (shmup), despite them being distinctly different genres; We would have placed even higher without the inclusion of FPS's.
    • The Behemoth is one of the coolest and most successful indie game studios, best known for Castle Crashers. It is a honor to be featured along side of them.
    • Xbox LIVE Indie Games (XBLIG) is Microsoft's initiative to support independent game development and allow indie game studios to publish to consoles. The Xbox 360 is the only console, up to the seventh generation (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii), that allows independent game publishing.
    • Xbox LIVE Arcade (XBLA) is Microsoft default digital distribution channel for Xbox 360 games, requiring a publishing contract with Microsoft.
    • Dream.Build.Play is Microsoft's international Xbox game development contest which also promotes XNA Game Studio, the tools used to make XBLIG games.
      • In Dream Build Play 2009 we competed against 350 games from 100 countries, placing 7th worldwide and 2nd in Canada.
      • In Dream Build Play 2010 we competed against 350 games from 110 countries, placing 5th worldwide and 1st in Canada.
    • Indie Games: The Weblog ( is the #1 worldwide indie game website.
    • The "Internet Features" listing showcases only major features. By 2010Duality ZF had been featured over 200 times on the internet and we stopped counting.
    • Magazines details:
      • Famitsu is the #1 Japanese gaming magazine.
      • Develop is the #2 worldwide game development magazine.
      • OXM is the Official Xbox Magazine. Some of our features are in print, the actual magazine, and some of them are on the web, the online version of the magazine. This explains the discrepancy between various counts of how many times we've been featured in OXM.
    • Newspaper details:
    • NSGDA is the Nova Scotia Game Developer Association.
    • GDC is the world's first and largest game developers conference.
    • The ID@Xbox program will eventually accept all developers, however Xona Games was accepted in the first selection and given free Xbox One development kits.
    • The GDC Expo Pass in January 2018 from the Consulate of Canada Silicon Valley was awarded to the first 50 game companies in Canada to register on the Canada GDC Platform. So, even this was a contest we won.


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