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TL;DR: Use at your own risk.

The Lake Doucette Street Car Challenge is not an officially sanctioned event. "Lake Doucette Street Car Challenge" is not a corporation or a company or any type of entity, beyond this website and the content of these pages. It is not a race or a contest and there are no prizes or winners. It is not covered by insurance. The events are a gathering of a group of friends who test their street cars. This website is named Lake Doucette Street Car Challenge and YouTube videos are encouraged to be named the same for convenience. The track is used at everyone's own risk. We have taken precautions and made rules to keep people safe, some of the rules are created by the track owners: Only one car is allowed on the track at a time, it is not a race, helmets must be worn, a waiver must be signed, and proof of vehicle ownership is required. The waiver absolves the founders of the event, the track owner, and all participants of any guilt, blame, or liability in case of accidents or damage to vehicles. Performing fast lap times is not a priority or requirement. Understand the risk and drive safe.

Also see the rules and tips.


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