Wayne Doucette
Bell Neck, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Awards and Accomplishments

A list of personal accomplishments.

2003: 1st Place, Wood-Mizer Personal Best Contest

Doucette's timber frame house won first place in Wood-Mizer's Personal Best Contest in 2003 for Homes & Major Structures for the Canadian region. His house was built with a Wood-Mizer he bought in 1986.

See more information on Wood-Mizer's website below (both links are the same story):

- woodmizer.com/personbest/personbest03/category1/doucette.html (web archive)
- woodmizer.com/en/inside/best/2003/homes/doucette.aspx

199?: CBC's "Home Sweet Home" Television Spot

Doucette's timber frame house was showcased on CBC News television in their "Home Sweet Home" Monday night segment.

1986: Honoured for Volunteer Work

Doucette was honoured at the Yarmouth Municipal Recreation Committee Volunteer Recognition for volunteer work in Minor Baseball on April 25, 1986.

Canadian National Champion

Doucette placed first overall in a national muzzle loader shoot making him the Canadian National Champion. It was held in New Brunswick, Canada.

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The caption reads:

"In my twenty years experience, I have not found another bullet that shoots or performs as well as a Beeline muzzleloader bullet."
Wayne Doucette  Canadian National Champion

1981: Placed 4th in World Black Powder championship

In 1981, Doucette was a member of Canadian International Muzzle Loading Team. He was chosen to represent Canada as a member of a Canadian team to compete in the World Black Powder championship in Bisley, England. Doucette placed fourth in the 100 meter prone event. He also placed eleventh and eighteenth in two other events.

1977: Won 1st Place at Speed Sport Atlantic Car Show

Doucette won four out of a possible five awards with his customized 1973 Chevy half ton truck at the 1977 Speed Sport Atlantic Car Show in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He won first place overall, best display overall, best interior, and outstanding custom awards. He also won a number of awards from the same show in 1976.

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