SpinRite 6.0 - HD Maintenance, Recovery, and Repair Software

Monday, June 7, 2004
By: Matthew Doucette

This is not a regular article, it is a blatant (and deserving) plug for one of the coolest pieces of software I have ever used.

Gibson Research Corporation (GRC) has just released SpinRite 6.0.  It is the world's best hard drive data recovery and defect detection program.  In a nutshell, it ensures your hard drive data is safe.  We use it regularly to keep our hard drives in check.


SpinRite features:

A few SpinRite features, all link to grc.com:

Download SpinRite 6 here:  SpinRite 6.0


SpinRite 6.0 Movie

SpinRite's creator, Steve Gibson, appeared on The ScreenSavers on G4/TechTV with Patrick Norton.  Check out this 6 minute video to see SpinRite 6.0 in action.

SpinRite 6.0 "The Movie" 


Screen Shots:

Detailed Technical Log:

Dynastat in Operation:

Graphic Status Display:

Option Settings:

Real Time Activities:

Smart System Monitor:


Download SpinRite 6:

Download SpinRite 6:  http://www.grc.com/sr/spinrite.htm


SpinRite's Quality:

Well, NASA uses SpinRite. Sometimes this is the easiest way to have newcomers respect SpinRite.  People always use NASA to showcase quality, too much really, and here I am doing the same thing!  At any rate, it is a testament to SpinRite's quality.  Just recently, a 60 Gig drive on International Space Station is using SpinRite 6.

For those of you more technically oriented and wish to understand the way things work, like myself, please check out the magnetodynamics page.  After which, you will not need to hear the opinions of others to judge SpinRite.



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