Our Games
Release Date Title Platform Genre Trailer Price Download Claim to Fame
11. (on hold) Kakeru: Next Level PC shmup ??? ??? ??? ???
10. 2016-May Score Rush Extended PS4 shmup view $12 playstation.com #1 in Japan, 80 Metacritic
9. (on hold) Decimation X4 ??? shmup ??? ??? ??? ???
8. (skipped) Decimation X3.5 ??? shmup ??? ??? ??? ???
7. 2012-Nov Score Rush MP HTML5 shmup view $5 ga.me #1 in Japan
6. 2012-Mar Score Rush HTML5 shmup view $5 ga.me #1 in Japan
5. 2010-Dec Score Rush X360 shmup view $5 xbox.com #1 in Japan
4. 2010-Dec Decimation X3 X360 shmup view $5 xbox.com #1 in 4 Countries, IGWU
3. 2010-Oct Decimation X2 Windows Phone shmup view $5 zune.net WP7COMP, Launch Title
2. 2010-Jan Decimation X X360 shmup view $5 xbox.com #1 in Japan
1. (on hold) Duality ZF X360/PC shmup view ??? ??? #5 in World



So far, all our games are 4-player shmups -- shorthand for shoot 'em up. Shmups are also known as 2D shooters, STGs (shooting games), scrolling shooters (vertical shooters, vertically scrolling shooters, horizontal shooters, side-scrolling shooters, ...), and more.


Bullet Hell?

Our shmups are technically "manic shmups", not "bullet hell" shmups! The western world tends to miscategorize our games as "bullet hell" due to their intense number of bullets. We view this as a note of respect, but wish to clarify it for the true fans:

P.S. There are overlap within these sub-genres of shmups.
P.P.S. Our Decimation X series helped coin the term "bullet rain" -- a take-off of "bullet hell" -- even though it is also a manic shmup!


Also See:

Note: Our unreleased games, Duality ZF, Decimation X3.5, and Decimation X4, are unique from our game prototypes in that they were developed for release and exist (or have existed in) playable, releasable states and were showcased at game conferences.