Programming Windows, 5th Edition - Errata Addendum

Thursday, July 1, 2004
By: Jason Doucette

I created and maintain an extensive errata list of program bugs, text typos, and errors for Charles Petzold's bible to Windows programming: Programming Windows, 5th Edition.  I took the time to explain the problems in as much detail as I felt needed so that the reader would understand why it is a problem, and also why the solution works.  I have even explained topics in further detailed that I felt were left too vague, and leaving the reader wanting for more.

The creation of the page was originally the result of about 50 successive e-mails I sent to Charles Petzold as I read the book and found errors.  I should note that the vast majority of the errata are minor bugs, and that anyone who is paying proper attention while reading the book will find them, as well.  However, if you do not learn in the same method that I do, then you are unlikely to catch such errors.  My learning method results from a strong desire to understand what is going on 'under the hood'.  To know something 'just works' is not good enough for me - in fact, this type of thinking gives me a headache.  There is a world of difference between knowing that something is the way it is and knowing why it is that way.  It is the difference of either merely knowing of it, or understanding it.  When you truly understand something, you need not worry about your fallible memory regurgitating improper information.  It is the reason why I have never had to study for a math test.  I took the time to understand the concepts; I did not merely memorize steps to a specific solution.  In any case, I am digressing.  After Petzold got annoyed with all of my emails, he stated that if I were to catalogue the errors on an errata web page, he would link to it from his own.  I agreed.  Because Charles Petzold already created an incomplete errata page for his book, and I continually added onto his errata, I christened my errata list:

"Programming Windows, Fifth Edition - Errata Addendum"

The majority of the errata credit goes to John Kopplin and me.  However, there are quite a few errata from several other kind people who have taken the time to e-mail me additional bugs that they have found.  If you find more, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Also, please do not regard such an errata list as a detriment to how well the book is written.  It is a very detailed, and technical book.  As with any programming book, there are bound to be errors.  My only regret is that I did not purchase it sooner.

Programming Windows, 5th Edition
by Charles Petzold


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