Google Gmail Invites

Sunday, October 17, 2004
By: Matthew Doucette

February 7th, 2005 Update:

Every Gmail account has been given 50 Gmail invites.  Due to this news, I will not be posting any more Gmail invites.  If you want a Gmail account, simply find someone currently using a Gmail account and ask for one!


Gmail Invites:

Here are some free Gmail invites I am sharing with you.  Sorry, but start at the bottom of this list:

Posted Oct 17/04: (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Oct 22/04 Update: (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Oct 29/04 Update: (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Nov 1/04 Update: (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Dec 20/04 Update: (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Dec 21/04 Update: (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Dec 23/04 Update: (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Dec 25/04 Update: (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Dec 28/04 Update: (used) (used) (used) (used)  (used)

Dec 30/04 Update: (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Jan 01/05 Update: (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Jan 05/05 Update: (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Jan 12/05 Update: (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Jan 17/05 Update: (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Jan 26/05 Update: (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Jan 30/05 Update: (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Feb 3/05 Update: (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Feb 16/05 Update (thanks to Kevin Shorty from (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Mar 1/05 Update (thanks to Kelly Karprin): (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

Mar 28/05 Update (thanks to Kevin Shorty from (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used) (used)

If you have any invites you wish to donate, please send them to first name: "Delete", last name: "Me", and email them to our address on our contact page.

Here's what you do:  Click on the last one.  If it is taken, then click the next one up.  Continue until you find a free one left.  Do not forget to change (or delete) the secondary email.  It is on the main sign up page where you choose your username.  Do not leave the email pointing to an email that you do not own.  It makes no sense and it is a security risk.

Please only use one invite each.  Save some for others.  If none are left, bookmark this page and visit again as more Google invites are added as we receive them.  Think carefully about the name you choose, as you can only get a Gmail account with an invite and you currently can not change your email / username.

SECURITY WARNING:  Do not forget to change the secondary email once you have obtained your brand new Gmail account.  This is VERY IMPORTANT for security reasons.  In order for us to list these Gmail invites to you, we have to send them to our email account first.  Pay close attention:  Our email account, not yours, is now set as your secondary email.  Under the potential circumstance in which you forget your password and require your secondary email to regain access, not only do you not have a secondary email, but you have told Google that our email is your secondary email.  We assume no responsibility for any damage or spilled information due to this (or any) mistake on your part.

If you have forgotten to change your secondary email, then please change it immediately.  Here is how you change (or delete) the secondary email:  Log into your Gmail account, click "Settings" (at the top right), click "Account Settings >>" (the furthest choice to the right) under "Mail Settings", this will popup a new window, under "Edit Personal Info" (in the menu on the left) click "Security Question & Contact Info".  Here you will see a "Secondary email: (optional)" option.  Either DELETE or CHANGE this secondary email.  Finally, click "Save personal info".

There may be some default contacts in your brand new Gmail account. These contacts are either from the Gmail account the Gmail invite was originally sent to and/or the email account I sent the invite to (in order to extract the link and post it on this web page.) Either way, delete all default contacts in your new Gmail account, as they are not your friends! :)


Gmail Explained:

Gmail is Google's new email with 1,000 MB storage, compared to Microsoft's Hotmail with only 2 MB (Oct 18/04 Update: now 250MB although mine still has only 2MB) storage.  Gmail allows emails up to 10MB in size, so you can finally send MP3s and small videos through your email.  It does not have all of that MSN bloat so it is really fast and very clean.  You can also automatically forward the email to another email account.

The main purpose behind Gmail was to have an Internet-based email system where you never have to delete messages.


Gmail Notifier:

Gmail Notifier explained:

The Gmail Notifier is a downloadable Windows application that alerts you when you have new Gmail messages. After you download the Notifier, an icon appears in your system tray to let you know if you have unread Gmail messages, without having to open a browser. -

Gmail Notifier also lets you use your Gmail account to send mail via "mailto:" links on the web.  In other words, when you click an email off a web page via your web browser, you can have Gmail automatically load up instead of your PC email application.


Automatic Forwarding To Other Email Account:

You may have to login, but this page explains how to automatically forward your Gmail emails to another email account:


Gmail Features:

Here's the full list of Gmail features:


Hotmail to Gmail:

(This is sometimes referred to as "hotmail2gmail".)  How can you forward your Hotmail emails to Gmail?  Although I have not tried this yet, and therefore do not guarantee anything, GetMail appears to be the solution.  This article by Ryan Schultz explains it:

Importing Hotmail to Gmail: An Easy Solution Using GetMail

The above article also contains user comments that indicate it works.  Let me know if this works for you.  Post your experiences in our forums.


Email vs. Productivity:

While I am on the topic of email, here are some informative articles concerning email and productivity:

The Tyranny of Email

Tips for Mastering E-mail Overload

(This point was an extraction out of my Windows XP Setup Tweaks & Tips article.)


Also See:



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