Duality ZF Gameplay: Boss Rush

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
By: Matthew Doucette

Here's some Duality ZF gameplay footage, in BOSS RUSH mode, with 3 players, using (unlockable) MULTIDIRECTIONAL controls, in HARD difficulty!

Duality ZF gameplay: BOSS RUSH, 3 players, MULTIDIRECTIONAL controls, in HARD difficulty.
Date taken: November 13th, 2009.

The players are  Xonatron (Red),  HugeJuge (Blue), and  LithiumBullet34 (Green).  This is not our best effort, but by no means is it easy to do better.  Visit the  Xona Games YouTube Channel for more videos. :)


Unlock notes:

- BOSS RUSH unlocks when you beat the game.
- MULTIDIRECTIONAL control unlocks when you beat all game modes in DUAL PLAY control.
- DUAL PLAY control unlocks when you beat all game modes in regular (SOLO PLAY) control.




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