Decimation X an Top Pick

Monday, November 1, 2010
By: Matthew Doucette

Decimation X is a top pick!

Decimation X, an top pick.

Decimation X has also maintained the 18th top rated XBLIG in Canada, out of 1,400 (1,397 at the time of the screen capture to be exact). We have heard stories that we are #2 in Japan and #35 in the United States, but we have not figured out how to access this data as we use to.

Decimation X, 18th (out of 1,400) top rated XBLIG in Canada.

Decimation X, 18th (out of 1,400) top rated XBLIG in Canada.

Please Help:

If anyone knows how to access the top rated and best selling lists in other countires (like United States and Japan when you live in Canada), as we used to, then please let us know!


Amazing Decimation X Quotes From

It never ceases to amaze me to read how people love (and even occasionally hate) our work!

Decimation X is also probably the perfect modernization of Space Invaders I have ever seen. One night I spent 5 or 6 hours playing that damn game. -

Despite what the developer says, (some XBLA game) isn't very good. Honestly, an indie game on (XBLIG) called Decimation X destroys it and it only costs $1. Trust me, Im the target audience. - 

Also, Decimation X has coop. Its like Space Invaders but about 10x better. I cant break 2M though, and its driving me crazy trying! -

Decimation X is an oldschool Space Invaders clone, but with a modern feel with speedier gameplay and awsome powerups. -

Trying to download but Im super pissed that I cant play my favorite indie game Decimation X while DLing the JC2 demo -

By the by, if anyone is interested in a really good modernized Space Invaders you should try out Decimation X. While Space Invaders Extreme was a cool game, it strayed quite a bit from the simplistic formula of SI. Decimation X is more faithful to the original, while being fast and full of cool upgrades. It's also only a dollar, I believe. -

Decimation X from Xona Games, the Space Invaders on drugs superhit, 80 MSP -

My favorites are Decimation X, Avatar Golf, I Made a Game With Zombies, Jump01, Shoot1up and Baby Maker Extreme. -

As far as Asteroids goes, there are XBLA Indie space shooters like Decimation X that Id rather spend time with, and they only cost 80 points each ($1). -

So cool. :)



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