Xona Games Congratulated by Nova Scotia House of Assembly

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
By: Matthew Doucette

Xona Games, and specifically Jason Doucette and Matthew Doucette, congratulated by Nova Scotia House of Assembly, thanks to recognition by Zach Churchill, MLA of Yarmouth:

As mentioned, here's links to our $100,000 I-3 Innovacorp award and Decimation X. A few of you may notice the typo, Destination X should be spelled Decimation X! It's all good!

Here's how it went down:

The honourable member for Yarmouth.


MR. ZACH CHURCHILL: Mr. Speaker, I hereby give notice that on a future day I shall move the adoption of the following resolution:

Whereas Xona Games is owned and operated by Matthew Doucette and Jason Doucette, two young Nova Scotian entrepreneurs; and

Whereas Xona Games is the winner of the inNOVAcorp I-3 Technology Start Up Competition and one of Xona Games’ video games, Destination X, is the No. 1 ranked video game in Japan; and

Whereas Matthew Doucette and Jason Doucette have exemplified initiative, perseverance, and entrepreneurial spirit;

Therefore be it resolved that the members of this House of Assembly congratulate Xona Games on this impressive achievement.

Mr. Speaker, I request waiver of notice and passage without debate.

MR. SPEAKER: There has been a request for waiver.

Is it agreed?

It is agreed.

Would all those in favour of the motion please say Aye. Contrary minded, Nay.

The motion is carried.

Source: http://nslegislature.ca/pdfs/proceedings/hansard/61-2/h37nov03.pdf (from http://nslegislature.ca/)



That is all.



About the Author: I am Matthew Doucette of Xona Games, an award-winning indie game studio that I founded with my twin brother. We make intensified arcade-style retro games. Our business, our games, our technology, and we as competitive gamers have won prestigious awards and received worldwide press. Our business has won $190,000 in contests. Our games have ranked from #1 in Canada to #1 in Japan, have become #1 best sellers in multiple countries, have won game contests, and have held 3 of the top 5 rated spots in Japan of all Xbox LIVE indie games. Our game engines have been awarded for technical excellence. And we, the developers, have placed #1 in competitive gaming competitions -- relating to the games we make. Read about our story, our awards, our games, and view our blog.