Decimation X2: Featured in Windows Central

Friday, December 10, 2010
By: Matthew Doucette

Windows Central features Decimation X2 and Impossible Shoota as "two great retro arcade games for WP7"!

Retro Arcade: Impossible Shoota & Decimation X2 for Windows Phone 7
Windows Central


"Decimation X2 - ...great retro arcade (game) for WP7" - Windows Central

"There are plenty of great Xbox Live games in the Marketplace but there are way more indie games to be found and here are two that rise to the top." - Windows Central

"The second is less known, which is a shame because it's pretty amazing. Called Decimation X2 by Xona Games." - Windows Central

"'s basically Space Invaders on steroids." - Windows Central

"With huge explosion effects, rapid fire game play and fantastic music, it's tons of fun." - Windows Central

"...the company has Decimation X and the brand new Decimation X3 for the Xbox 360 -- those latter games are in the top five in Japan and we can see why after playing X2." - Windows Central


That is all.



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