GDC 2011 Wrap Up

Monday, March 14, 2011
By: Matthew Doucette

We're back from GDC 2011 San Francisco. This is our second time! Here is our first trip. This time we had a GDC floor booth which featured Score Rush, Decimation X3, and Duality ZF! It was an amazing experience.

We were chosen to represent our province of Nova Scotia, Canada's gaming industry at GDC, which is the world's largest video game development conference. We were landed physically right next to IGF (Independent Games Festival), and close to Nintendo and Google. Wow:

Xona Games at GDC 2011, close to Nintendo.

Xona Games at GDC 2011, close to Google.

Xona Games at GDC 2011, close to IGF.
More pics on our facebook page.

Some Duality ZF footage:

Duality ZF - GDC 2011 - Stage 2 Boss - 4 Players

Duality ZF - GDC 2011 - Stage 3 Midboss - 4 Players

Duality ZF - GDC 2011 - Stage 5 Boss - 4 Players



Some friends we met along our travels include Luke Schneider (Radiangames), Dave Volyes (Armless Octopus), Nick Marroni (Marroni Electronic Entertainment), Robert Boyd (Zeboyd Games), James Silva & Michelle Juett (Ska Studios), Andy Dunn (The ZBuffer), Brandon Vaughan and Christin Evans (Edelman), Roderick Lizardo (Encore), John Polson (DIYgamer, Indie Superstar), Deejay (Binary Tweed, IndieCity), the Final Form Games crew, and many more! Another notable mention is William Collick (Lamborghini San Francisco)! Facebook me for car pics!


Special Thanks:

Special thanks to Jayson Hilchie, Evan Radisic, and Suzanne Diab of NSBI for the support as well as Ken Lee and Mark McGinley of Innovacorp. Both companies have shown a level of support unknown to us in the past. Thank you!



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