"How I come to be Xona-Infected?"

Monday, June 20, 2011
By: Matthew Doucette

What makes making games worth it? True fans.

It is impossible to write a post that delivers the amount of appreciation I have for our fans, especially our true fans. Nothing I am about to say quantifies it.

I want to highlight SQR@^^^ (twitterXbox LIVE), one of our biggest fans of which his article, "How I come to be Xona-Infected?", clearly indicates. This is the first article written about us that concentrates on the people behind Xona Games rather than our recognition. It's about where we came from, the history of our skills, our projects, and our games. It's about us. Truly outstanding.

What amazes me about this article is the knowledge of our history. He details where the Decimation X series came from, including a screen shot of an early PC prototype which he downloaded from Jason's personal website and compared to Decimation X and X3 on the Xbox 360. That is truly deep appreciation of our work.

Let me not ruin the article with a list of quotes, as I want you to read it yourself, but I'll close with the articles' insanely complimentary closing:

Looking back on the last year 2010, I seldom buy games generally, but I will spend time to play them if I found the game like Decimation X by chance. Personally speaking, my only purchase of packaged software last year, "Super Mario Galaxy 2" was a slap-up game, and I'd played it for more than 40 hours without obsession with criticism.Yet, the impact of Decimation X was more remarkable, which was found as a gem of games. I'm very glad if any of you readers have an interest in this game, and thank you for reading so much.

Source: abomination.jp/diary/appenda/110101_en.shtml (Japanese)

Thank you, SQR@^^^, and all our fans, for all your support!


2020-FEB-13 Update:

Jason and I were just talking about this feedback a few nights ago, and we are still amazed by it. I thought I would take the effort to create a backup of it on our own servers. Many times in the past, some amazing write ups about our work have disappeared on the internet, usually due to the indie nature of the author that does not persist over time. So, that said, here's our backup:

Backup: English / Japanese


That is all.



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