Game Prototyping

Monday, June 25, 2012
By: Matthew Doucette

Awesome advice derived by the successful indie game studio known as Arkedo Studios. If they are doing a prototyping initiative, it means prototyping is important, so consider it in your own projects! Highlighted text added by us.

"I'm starting some kind of publisher, enabler, or whatever to take some indie guys and pay them for making prototypes. I bought a house for that. They can come in, all together. We can make game jams. It's going to be quite awesome."

Guermonprez revealed that the company will be called Nice Guys, and it should have a more visible presence in 3-6 months. There's virtually no web presence of the company now (save a few Tweets from Arkedo). He tells IndieGames that he already invested $250,000 in forming the company and securing office space, called the Nice House, on the Siene River near Paris.



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