Sad News on Radiangames' First F2P, Bombcats

Monday, May 20, 2013
By: Matthew Doucette

Radiangames released their first F2P (free to play) game, a game format we at Xona Games have not adopted yet, Bombcats. Now, for the bad news:

Bombcats: Epic Fail? So Far

Here's the article: Here's some quotes:

"The first number [100K (or so)] is the number of downloads (in the world). The second [<100] is the number of IAPs purchased. Most of those are of the $1 or $2 variety, with a few being $4-$10. If you know Math, you can figure out that’s not much money." - Luke Schneider, Radiangames

"I tried to make a fairly unique, very high-quality physics puzzle game, and I think I succeeded very well there. But in terms of making money from it, I tried to straddle a line (F2P but fair) and it’s failing financially as a result." - Luke Schneider, Radiangames

Sounds like Luke tried to play nice and treat his gamers with respect, and failed financially for doing so. F2P appears to be a very tricky style of game design. Others say you will succeed if you simply make your game fun, as opposed to try to make your game profitbale. Until I try myself, I'll have to reserve final judgment.


Sad news from one of our close friends. :(



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