Our Own NES Game Genie Codes

Monday, September 9, 2013
By: Matthew Doucette

Wow, look at what I just stumbled upon. My old NES Game Genie codes, ones I invented when I was child.

I recall how I invented some of them. My Game Genie would not remember the codes last used and there was no way to revisit the code entry screen, so if you discovered a good code it would be lost unless you recorded it or memorized it somehow. Losing codes like this happened over and over with me, so I devised a solution. I coded a program on my Tandy 1000 SX, the computer I owned after my TI-99/4A, that would generated random Game Genie codes. I printed off hundreds to thousands of them on a sheet of paper and used them to experiment with the Game Genie. When a code would do something cool, I would have it recorded.

That said, I am sure that some of the codes below are derivatives base off the official Game Genie codes. I have no idea which unless I were to cross-reference them. If you happen to do this, please let me know.

I also see I have well-known cheat codes listed in the mix. I left these in to maintain the list as an accurate recording of the file I had as a child of all my gaming cheats.

Without further ado, the codes.


EYUOAUPA - Super-Ultra-Mega-jump capability.
YEEPOTPE - Full energy on heart pick-up.
YYSPXVZA - 99 pellets on pick-up.

Blades of Steel

XTAVPN - Can't shoot or pass the puck.
XTAVPY - Puck bounces fast.
VTAVPY - Puck goes crazy.

Dragon Warrior

AAKKEVYA - No damage from barriers.
NVOIVLSA - All spells give you 1 more magic point.

Operation Wolf

PANIYIZA - 10 bullets in each magazine.
LANIYIZA - 30 bullets in each magazine.
GANIYIZA - 40 bullets in each magazine.
IANIYIZA - 50 bullets in each magazine.
TANIYIZA - 60 bullets in each magazine.
YANIYIZA - 70 bullets in each magazine.
AANIYIZE - 80 bullets in each magazine.
PANIYIZE - 90 bullets in each magazine.
ZANIYIZE - 100 bullets in each magazine.

Prisoners of War

A, B, B, Up, Up, Down, Left - 20 lives.

VPIIZL - Can only jump kick in right direction.
YZIGIP - Changes colours.

Rad Racer

Hold A, press Start - Continue
During demo, press B to select level, hold Upper Right, A, and Start - Level Select
During demo, hold Upper Right and A, hit B 60 times, hit Start - See Ending Sequence

YYXIUVIX - 124 second timer.

Super C

Right, Left, Down, Up, A, B, Start - 10 Lives

Hold A, B, Start simultaneously - Sound Mode

PPTTTV - Free life for every soldier shot.
EKZLNO - People behind buildings don't throw grenades.
ISTVYN - See beginning of every level and ending sequence.
ZOPZZO - Can't get any weapons or rapid fire.
TVLPEZ - Changes music.
OXGEIS - Get more lives when you die. Can get stuck in dying position.
ASPEGS* - Only hear drum sounds, only in sound mode.
STTXXN - People always jump to the left.
YYPZYO - Invincibility, although sometimes you may die and can't get weapons. (If you stay on weapon you might get it.)
YYPZZO - All explosions and icons can kill you.
AYPZYO - Can't get hit when dead. (Player 2 might come on in one player game.)
LXPOKE - Everything's black.
LXPUSE - Changes colour.
NUZXLP - Enemies can be shot in different places on the screen.
SSIXPO - In 1 player game can't get 1ups.
OAYLGT - Turrets shoot faster.
ASYEGS - Changes sound effects.
ANAEGS* - Changes drum sound, only in sound mode.
IZIAIZ* - Changes music, only in sound mode.
ENAEYS* - Improves drum sound, only in sound mode.
EUUTGIYS+YSXTPSEL+IEUTZIAA - Start game with powerful-flame-thrower.
EUUTGIYS+YSXTPSEL+TEUTZIAA - Start game with short-range flame-thrower.
YNXTLIZE - Both players have 100 lives.
OAALGT - Turrets come out slower.
ANYNYN - Everything is black & grey.

Super Mario Bros.

PPPPPP - YYPPPO - PPPPPO - Changes music.
YYTOZE - Both players have 128 lives (Do not get over 129 lives or you'll have 0 lives left.)
GAAGGA - Everything falls faster. (Can't make jump over hole in 8-2.)
SZLIVO - Never die after bigness.
AATLGZ - Always stay small.
AAZLGG - Mega moonjump from standing start only.
AAZLTG - Mega moonjump from running start only.
AAZUAG - Mega moonjump from B-running start only.
GITYLZ - Enemies that fall off screen keep falling from top of screen.
APZLGI - When jumping you can't move B-speed.
ZLGITY - Fire power doesn't kill enemies but give you 5000 points.
ZPGITY - Enemies are invincible to fire power.
ZZGITY - Fire power kills all enemies with one shot, in world 8 in clears whole screen of enemies.

Super Mario Bros. 2

YEAOPE - Infinite supplies of vegetables, blocks, etc. (Can't dig sand.)
AESEGLGA - Mega moonjumps for Mario.
AENALLGA - Mega moonjumps for Toad.
AAXAPGGA - Mega moonjumps for Princess.
PAEEZGPA - Super moonjumps for Luigi.
EEUASXOU - Super slow pick-up.
AVNAZSAA+EENALSEY - Super turbo speed enemies.
AKNAZSAA+EKNALSEY - Turbo speed enemies.

Super Mario Bros. 3

YEUXKGAA - Swim in air, Goomba's shoe in water, Jugem's cloud on map screen. (Extra jumping power needed in water.)
EEUXKGAA - You can fly really fast and automatically float down.
EEUZELSZ - Slide forever.
YEKPTZGE - Continue with 16 lives.
PEUXKGAA - Start game as Super Mario.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - The Arcade Game

Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Left, B, A - 10 lives

YAPZLG - Small enemies aren't invincible after hit. (Messes up in stage 4-5 demonstration.)
KKKKKKKK - Everything is black except you and enemies.


AASNVVZA - Extra life for every one bonus block.


P.S. I completely forgot that Prisoners of War had a 20 life cheat code!



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