Domains, Domains, Domains

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
By: Matthew Doucette

We just picked up Now if we ever get rich, we can setup a Xona Games based charity website!

We have wanted for a long time, but it was registered by someone else. Eventually the owner decided to sell it and we got it a few months ago. We only just now transfered it and pointed it to our site. Hence this article.

It is interesting that we have all these domains just to stop people from setting up similar websites, relating to gaming and whatnot, under a similar name. This actually happened to us with It was registered by the Juegos Magazine crew (example tweet), and it was hard to believe they chose this one because they were into gaming and they titled their site "Xona Games". We clearly dominated that space where all "Xona Games" searches on the web point to countless websites about us. Eventually they let it go (and they apologized) and then we registered that domain too. It may be a language barrier that explains it.

Here's all our "xona" related domains to date:

And then some of our "xona games" domains, in case we ever sell

What's interesting is with our domain names and redirects a domain name like will redirect to the cleaner and shorter URL We try to have all our URLs clean. You may have noticed if you surfed around our website. (We even use our own hidden shortcuts such as for various spots on our site.)

And that is all!


2018-MAY-05 Update:

Not sure when, but we dropped It appears to have been picked up by a domain squatter so I removed the link. We also dropped,, and (Visit our games page to see these games.) All of these domains were somewhat cool to have, but ultimately it was easier on us to manage just Even our shortcuts such as have been dropped. And, as with most indie studios, time is our most valuable asset; So, whatever gives us more time is best!


2020-JUL-15 Update:

We have dropped automatic renewals of all our domain names, except (and and The first domains to be dropped are and on August 20th, 2020. The reasoning behind this is, they do not matter and it was an unneeded expense. A search for "Xona Games" will find no problem. Domain names just do not matter anymore to viewers and customers.

Also, we are minimalists and we optimize our finances. Subscription based purchases hide their true value. Not only are they spread over time, but they are never ending. Netflix and Disney+ costs ~$275 per year, which you spend without effort or decision. Ever needed ~$300? Opportunity costs comes into play. A ~$14 CAD Netflix subscription from age 25 to 65, invested into the stock market at 10% average, becomes ~$90,000 CAD. I am not picking on Netflix and Disney+ as they are the only "TV" I currently subscribe to. But we were also subscribed to much more expensive domain names until now, and optimized them out!



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