Kickstarter: Funded Viridis, an Indie Shmup

Friday, July 25, 2014
By: Matthew Doucette

Check out Viridis, an OUYA/PC/MAC indie shmup from a friendly Canadian indie game studio, Game Radiator:

Viridis - Shmup


Arcade Cabinet:


We just backed it for $100, which means we receive a digital copy of the game (OUYA/PC/MAC), our name and rank listed in the game credits, a limited edition physical copy of the game for PC/MAC, access to the projects backer exclusive development forums where we can follow the course of development and offer our input, a pre-alpha build once a month during production, and weekly pre-alpha builds and a cool Viridis t-shirt! Wow! :)

Best of luck to Game Radiator! Shmups forever!



We are Kickstarter fans. Mostly, we are indie dev fans! Please support your favorite indie projects too!

To date, we have funded these Kickstarters (current list):

  1. Viridis - Shmup
  2. Temporus
  3. HABITAT: A Thousand Generations in Orbit
  4. Bullet Bros
  5. Sentris: Unleash Your Inner Musician
  6. Cosmic Star Heroine (Sci-Fi/Spy RPG) for PC/Mac/PS4/Vita
  7. Mighty No. 9
  8. Chasm
  9. Rex Rocket
  10. GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming
  11. Humans Must Answer - An explosive 2D shmup
  12. Planetary Annihilation - A Next Generation RTS
  13. OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console
  14. Two Guys SpaceVenture - by the creators of Space Quest
  15. Fist Puncher: Old School Beat 'Em Up
  16. Guncraft: Voxel-based First Person Shooter
  17. Double Fine Adventure
  18. Indie Game: The Movie


That is all!



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