Score Rush Extended Kanji Box Art

Tuesday, January 19, 2016
By: Matthew Doucette

New PS4 box art, to go with the new Kanji logo, for Score Rush Extended 撃点:

Score Rush Extended 撃点 box art, v4.29.

2016-JAN-20 UPDATE 3:

Below I mention the spacing was off in this v4.29 box art (above), but looking back at it from a fresh perspective, I now disagree. like the horizontal style to the entire piece. Everything lines up horizonatally.


2016-JAN-19 UPDATE 1:

The spacing was off, as the player ship and options were squished lower for an unreleased version of the box art. I fixed it up:

Score Rush Extended 撃点 box art, v4.30.

2016-JAN-19 UPDATE 2:

Another update, putting the Kanji text as subtitle, fully in view:

Score Rush Extended 撃点 box art, v4.33.

2016-JAN-20 UPDATE 4:

Score Rush Extended 撃点 box art, v4.34 (revisiting v4.29 with toon shading and fixed options).


For our older box art, check out v3.25, v2.20, v2.19, v2.11 and v2.12, and v1.0. Even check out our Xbox 360 version.

What do you think?



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