Score Rush Extended's Scoring Mechanic Improvements

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
By: Matthew Doucette

A quick note from Jason Doucette, the lead coder of Score Rush and Score Rush Extended, on how its scoring mechanice has been improved for the extended version:

The new score system is far more fair. I spent a lot of time thinking about it and adjusting it. It means that the final boss isn't as heavy for the final score (used to be 50% of the score), which means that you shouldn't save all of your nukes for the final boss, even if it means killing prior bosses slower. Now, you must give all bosses (almost) equal weight (they are shifted linearly, so boss2 = 2 x boss1, and boss5 =5 x boss1, and so on). This means using nukes to kill earlier bosses matters more than saving them for the final bang at the end.

Interesting and great improvement. What this means is that you are continously involved in all moments of the game, deciding when to use the bomb based on the moment at hand, not saving them for the only moment (the final boss) that used to matter.

Here is Jason scoring first in the world in DUAL PLAY, trying to beat YUNAONGV3's score (who has since beat Jason back):


Score Rush Extended - DualPlay - 632 Million - 1st in World

That is all.



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