Why the Simplest Games are Still Often the Best

If you do something, don’t do it half assed. Go big or go home.

If you want to ride a horse, pick the spirited guy who never walks at the back. If you want to surf, hit the water until you make riding a wave look as easy as whistling. If you want to play online games, play the games you love, the best games. The games your friends don’t even know about because you are ten steps ahead. The friends who call you at lunch to find out what you had for breakfast so they can begin their day, one step behind. Very Chuck Norris of you. What they don’t know is that you are actually playing the simplest games for you know that the simplest games are still the best. If it isn’t broken...

Between Angry Birds, Air Pressure and playing bingo games. I subscribe to the bigger isn’t always better theory, that simple is sometimes simply awesome. Playing a bunch of the simple games really had my attention, I was curious and excited. I know graphics aren’t always a shouting point for simple games but they served the purpose of entertaining me in a big way and they really weren’t terrible. I know that doesn’t sound like a mad selling point, hey eat this ice-cream it’s not horrible – but if that ice-cream had 6 flavours in it which had only a hand full of people with crazy taste buds could figure out, you would eat it, no matter how terrible you heard it tasted. Okay, maybe a bit dramatic but you get my point.

So, Angry Birds, if you don’t know, is about a bunch of angry birds, you guessed it, that need to try and save their eggs. Air Pressure, I was surprised by, I even played it a few times. You are a guy who is bored in your looonggg relationship and goes about trying to end it or decide if you want to save it. You speak for the character, I played it a few times to see the different endings. Bingo is just freaking awesome; online, offline...

Onwards on our list of simple and fun games. We have Name That iTune, which digs into your own music library and tests your own knowledge of music. If you are as old as fire like me you will remember Mine Sweeper, such a biggie in its day. They have cloned it a few times this version is called Another Mine. Need I mention how much I love it and how nostalgic it makes me feel. If you are still a windows user a huge upside is always Solitaire, another example of a wheel that just doesn’t need reinventing. Let’s end our list off with another old time classic, Tetris.

The simple truth is that not everything is outdated and not everything needs to be complicated. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life along with the simple games.