NSCC Game Jam 2019 Wrap Up

Sunday, April 14, 2019
By: Matthew Doucette

The NSCC Game Jam 2019 ran from April 11 - 13, 2019, and I managed to work on a new 3D protoptye of God Particle:


God Particle:

I did not submit an actual entry -- I help coordinate the event -- however I prototyped my God Particle idea from 2D (XNA/C#) to 3D (Unity/C#):

God Particle, a 3D Prototype in Unity.

Nothing too special here. Just sharing.

The main difference is all particles attract and are difference sizes, so this makes the simulation more like planets with gravity rather than atomic particles with electromagnetic forces. The main differnence is gravity is always attactive.


NSCC Game Jam 2019 Winners:

Please do not judge the NSCC Game Jam by my work above -- it is not a proper entry. Instead, check out the amazing work by our students, our alumni, and our friends from industry:


  1. Tunnel Vision: twitter.com/MDoucette/status/1117107396386656256
  2. The Adventures of Mallow: twitter.com/MDoucette/status/1117103974207885313
  3. Hard Wired: twitter.com/MDoucette/status/1117100794149593088

A close 4th:


NSCC Game Jam 2019 Entries:

Check out other entries, via #NSCCGameJam:


NSCC Game Jam Background and Special Thanks:

As a bonus to our students at NSCC Game Development program in NSCC Truro Campus, we run a NSCC funded game jam each year.

Much thanks to Mike McGuire and Andrea Ferguson -- all-stars at NSCC -- for helping coordinate and setup this event. Without their support, it would never happen. Everytime one of these two people are involved with an event, it becomes better. They are what I call "multipliers": They multiple my efforts and the efforts of NSCC. Not everyone in your life is a multiplier. Some people are dividers: They divide your efforts. Something to think about.

Thanks also to NSCC Student Association and the Game Development program's administration for funding.

Further thanks to facilities, IT support, and our events coordinator, Michele Purdy-Meech.

Finally, thanks to all students, alumni, industry professionals, and visitors for joining.


That is all.



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