Integer Sequence Approved by OEIS

Friday, August 7, 2020
By: Matthew Doucette

An integer sequence I discovered in 2019 was approved today by OEIS -- The On-Line Encyclodpedia of Integer Sequences!



This is the technical definition of the sequence:

A332271: a(n) is the smallest positive integer that is not a divisor of the n-th highly composite number (A002182).

What it means:

For all highly composite numbers (numbers that are the most divisible which are numbers that have more factors than any number before it), what is the first factor when counting up from 1 that is skipped or missed (what is the smallest or least factor)?

In other words, for numbers that are the most divisible (numbers with the most factors), which factors tend to be the first ones missed or skipped. Interestingly, they correlate to prime numbers often, but not always.


Original Article:

Our original post is Lowest Unused Anti-Prime (Highly Composite Number) Factors.


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