Applied to Become an Nintendo Switch Developer

Tuesday, June 22, 2021
By: Matthew Doucette

We just applied to become a licensed Nintendo Switch developer.

Wouldn't it be nice to have to have our games on Nintendo Switch?

No promises...


Indie Game Developer Community:

If you are an indie studio, especially from the XNA / Xbox LIVE Indie Games (XBLIG) days or have published to PS4 using MonoGame, please touch base with us! I miss being part of an indie game development community publishing to consoles and Steam. Some of you may not know, but the original name for Xbox LIVE Indie Games was Xbox LIVE Community Games. It was something we at Xona Games advocated against, as it has the perception of being "low quality" in the public eye, however the best thing about XNA / XBLIG was the community.

Ironically, many thought the community piece in XBLIG never happened due to the studio to studio conflict, which we advocated solutions for; The point is, even the small community we built around XNA / XBLIG was amazing. It was not just game developers, it was also game reviewers, like Indie Gamer Chick, Armless Octopus, and many others... It was how we met most of our friends.

Perhaps I am missing out being part of a new MonoGame community. MonoGame is the cross-platform implementation of XNA Game Studio.

Indie devs, please touch base!


That is all.



About the Author: I am Matthew Doucette of Xona Games, an award-winning indie game studio that I founded with my twin brother. We make intensified arcade-style retro games. Our business, our games, our technology, and we as competitive gamers have won prestigious awards and received worldwide press. Our business has won $190,000 in contests. Our games have ranked from #1 in Canada to #1 in Japan, have become #1 best sellers in multiple countries, have won game contests, and have held 3 of the top 5 rated spots in Japan of all Xbox LIVE indie games. Our game engines have been awarded for technical excellence. And we, the developers, have placed #1 in competitive gaming competitions -- relating to the games we make. Read about our story, our awards, our games, and view our blog.