How to Prototype Games 2

Monday, October 18, 2021
By: Matthew Doucette

I have shared about how to prototype games in the past, with help of Jonathan Blow. This time I am doing so with the help of Mark Brown, aka Game Maker's Toolkit:

How do you make games? Prototype them.


I believe the successes of our games is largely because we prototyped our gameplay. Gameplay -- empowerment of the player -- is part of our philosophy. It is so core to our company, we attempted to call our company GamePlay Inc. before deciding on Xona Games Inc.

Jason shared an insight just last week with me, where he noticed that many games do not alter their gameplay after their first prototype or first playable. Games often "live or die" based on the gameplay designed in the first few weeks.

P.S. Also see our game prototypes.

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