Xbox MVP Program Closes End of 2022

Thursday, December 29, 2022
By: Matthew Doucette

The Xbox MVP program is closing tomorrow, December 30, 2022.


Xbox MVP Program:

Xbox MVP is a Microsoft award given to community leaders. There are 100+ million monthly active users on Xbox and only 54 MVPs at the time of the closing of the program. Each MVP is one in a million – literally – and is meant to be the highest award achievable by the Xbox gaming community.

Specifically, I was one of seven Xbox MVPs in Canada and one of three worldwide for Xbox game development. Xbox MVPS are generally gamers with a significant presence in Xbox gaming communities that are categorized into the following tags by the Xbox MVP program: Ambassador, Charity, Creator, Developer, Editor, Engineer, eSports, Mentor, Moderator, Podcaster, Streamer, Tester, and Writer. I was a Creator, Developer, and Mentor. (Ambassador stands for the Xbox Ambassador program.)

I was an Xbox MVP for almost 6 and a half years, from August 1, 2016 to December 30, 2022. Since it is an award for work already accomplished, it is worthy to note my contributions began during the early years of Xbox LIVE Indie Games, around July or August of 2008!


The Last Xbox MVPs:

Here is a list of the last 54 Xbox MVPs:

  1. aceattorney / aceattorney
  2. Alexandre / SnakeX
  3. Andrew Edney
  4. Atilo Martinez Davila / SMX Matrixnez
  5. bowski477 / bowski477
  6. Chris Brown / LeftyBrown
  7. Christoph Engels / Kolea1984
  8. Courtney Craven / CyclopediaBrain
  9. Dan Hammill / Greenskull
  10. Deacon Furlough / DEACON
  11. Dhayana / MissDeusGeek
  12. Dieter Schoeller / Lonaw
  13. Ed Webb / SpaceGhost2K
  14. Eden0032 / Eden0032
  15. Emericagirl24 / Emericagirl24
  16. Enforcer 3ID / Enforcer 3ID
  17. FNT / FourNinjaToads
  18. Glenn Alexander / GlennZA
  19. Ivar / Kebabkongen
  20. JaneyLaney / j nicole93
  21. Jeff Yenzer / Yenzer
  22. Jess Major / NorthernZoot
  23. John Laster / Cain
  24. Judge / Judge
  25. Kelli Dunlap, PsyD / goosechecka
  26. Kelly / onyxishere
  27. Kevin Weiler / AestheticaL
  28. Kishonna Gray / UnikornGlitterX
  29. Krista Schaaf / InclusiveMum
  30. Marco Cremona / Sanana94
  31. Marques Lyons
  32. Matt Armstrong / reggiefilsameme
  33. Matthew Doucette / Xonatron
  34. Mistress Sara / Mistress Sara
  35. MoonLiteWolf / MoonLiteWolf
  36. Moto / Moto
  37. Peench Peench / Peench
  38. Ramon Nakamura / RAYMON BRX
  39. Randy Dewberry / RandyAU93
  40. Rich Stone / TrueAchievement
  41. Samantha / saffista
  42. Sangriaz / Sangriaz
  43. Scratch Pratt / aka Scratch
  44. SightlessKombat /SightlessKombat
  45. Simon Jackson / SimonDarksideJ
  46. Smwutches / Smwutches
  47. Steve Saylor / BlindGamerSteve
  48. Tanya DePass / cypheroftyr
  49. Tobias Schulte / Z0RN
  50. Trav Pope / harlem
  51. Vlad Schinnikov / v0van145
  52. WPAK / WPAK
  53. Zach Wigal
  54. Zatomas / Zatomas


Xbox MVP Website:

I also captured a final look at the Xbox MVP website ( in a YouTube playlist:

Xbox MVP Website - Final Look


Thanks to Microsoft, Xbox, Xbox MVP program, Xbox MVP program managers, and Xbox MVPs for including me in the program and all your support over the years!


That is all.



About the Author: I am Matthew Doucette of Xona Games, an award-winning indie game studio that I founded with my twin brother. We make intensified arcade-style retro games. Our business, our games, our technology, and we as competitive gamers have won prestigious awards and received worldwide press. Our business has won $190,000 in contests. Our games have ranked from #1 in Canada to #1 in Japan, have become #1 best sellers in multiple countries, have won game contests, and have held 3 of the top 5 rated spots in Japan of all Xbox LIVE indie games. Our game engines have been awarded for technical excellence. And we, the developers, have placed #1 in competitive gaming competitions -- relating to the games we make. Read about our story, our awards, our games, and view our blog.