Xona Music is Reborn!

Friday, October 20, 2023
By: Matthew Doucette

Today, Xona Music is reborn!

Some of you may not know, but I used to compose music and stopped 20 years ago. My last song was composed in 2003. As of today I am back making music again, under my Xonatron music alias.

I do not have any songs to share yet. When I am ready, I will be sharing my work here:

>>> Xona Music <<<


Xona Music in Xona Games?

Perhaps. You may see some of our own music in our games. (No promises.) Perhaps the OST for our next game, Kakeru: Next Level. (We'll see.)


Updated History:

Here's a short breakdown of my music production history:

A timeline:

Note: Fruity Loops rebranded as FL Studio in 2003, after I quit. I lost all of my original Fruity Loop 3 files, and only have 10 songs exported as .mp3 remaining.

Fast Tracker II, loaded with my "Another Day" song.
Circa 1995-2001.

Fruity Loops 3, loaded with my "17.flp" song.
Circa 2002-2003.

Fast Tracker II vs. Fruity Loops 3:

A quote from my old personal website, describing the advances in Fruity Loops 3 over Fast Tracker II:

The FT2 format (.xm) is quite limited in comparison to FL3's format (.flp). FT2 songs can only use samples as is, without the ability to apply additional effects, and they must be mono. FL3 allows many real-time professional effects such as stereo reverb, chorus, and echo. To produce such professional sounds in FT2, you must use third party sound editing programs and many tricks of the trade inside FT2 itself. With that in mind, it's impressive when anyone produces professional sounding tracks in FT2.


Xona- Rebranding History:

Before 2004, I was not known as Xonatron and we were not known as the Xona- suite: My music predated Xonatech, Xona.com, Xona Forums, Xona Music, etc., and Xonatron.

A timeline:


Imphenzia and Dragon Music:

We still have much need and love for Imphenzia and Dragon Music! We are still very interested in continuing to work with them both. Ultimately, we hope to eventually release a game with a dual soundtrack; No promises! And we do not foresee being able to produce all of the music we need in our games on our own.



In the same light as our Xona Games is Reborn! post, this one is a milestone worthy for us to remember.


That is all.



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