Press Fire To Begin

Press Fire To Begin is an experimental one-button shmup (shoot 'em up).



Press Fire To Begin is an entry to the "Gamma 4 (ONE-BUTTON GAMES)" contest in Januray 2010. All games must have input restricted to a single button. I did not complete the game, and did not submit the game to the contest.



Press Fire To Begin title screen.

Beginning gameplay.

More gameplay.

Maximum firepower.

Pause message, "Time Warp Activiated".

More gameplay.

Final score, one point per kill.


One-Button Mechanic:

Doing nothing leaves the fighter jet stationary and it autofires a red shot. Pressing a button -- the only input -- moves the fighter jet upwards. Pressing a button again moves it downwards. Holding the button continues to move the fighter jet in the direction it is heading in. Also, pressing a button fires a double yellow shot. Pressing a button rapidly will fire this yellow shot faster. Continuing to press the button rapidly will build up a power bar. When the power bar is filled up a blue spread shot will fire. This maximum firepower will remain as long as the button is continuously pressed fast.


Missing Game Mechanics:

The mechanics missing in this game is the need to move up and down to miss objects, perhaps environmental objects such as a ground. This would add strategy and avoid the ability to just rapid fire the single button.

Also bosses, enemy fire, and a general stage design is missing.

This game is no fun, and I do not see it becoming fun even with these mechanics.



The music was composed by Imphenzia, also known for composing the Decimation X soundtracks as well as Duality ZF!



The title, "Press Fire To Begin", was inspired by Parsec, in my opinion the greatest game on the TI-99/4A. Also, the message, "Time Warp Activated", is also from Parsec.



The winners of the contest got to go to GDC 2010. Read about it here: In-Depth: Gamma IV Winners at GDC.


That is all!