The Quest For Truth

The Quest For Truth is a Roguelike 2D text-based RPG adventure game.

Title Screen. (v1; 2019-2020)

Could it be the best?




VERSION 1 (2019-2020):



Simple map, with player, enemy, and health item.

Procedurally generated extended-ASCII (from manually generated map).

Procedurally generated extended-ASCII (from manually generated map).

Procedurally generated map.

(Original) Purpose:

This was designed for education!

The Quest For Truth -- originally titled "2D RPG" -- was designed to teach game development, by exploring the following:


VERSION 2 (2021-2022):



Dynamic camera follow -- map is now larger than the screen!

Dynamic camera follow, further demonstrated.

Digital rain backdrop, inspired by The Matrix.

Lots of enemies.


"The Quest For Truth" YouTube playlist.

(Updated) Purpose:

This time, I coded The Quest For Truth again from scratch, along side Jason and Myke Wills -- they each coded their own. We did it for similar reasons to version 1, however with more specific focus on object-oriented programming pillars. Here's the purpose:

*Meaning to force the inclusion of these programming paradigms. Firstly, hoping to force our practice of them to understand them with direct experience. Secondly, perhaps exploring these will manifest into intereesting gameplay design and mechanics.



Note all the ego in the credits. It's just a joke. When Jason and I first started programming games in elementary school, we dreamed of being professional game developers and wanted to see our names "up in lights". One of the ways we first started programming was to take existed game code and modify it. We would change the author's name to our own. Keep in mind we were 7 years old we we started. There was honest purity in it all.


That is all.