3Dfx Demo Effects (1998-1999)

Sunday, January 13, 2019
By: Matthew Doucette

(Note: This page used to be a part of my online resume at matthewdoucette.com, so it reads as a portfolio piece.)

Everything on this page is self-taught, with help from Jason Doucette in 3D programming (he invented the 3D formula in grade 8), demo effects, procedural 3D modelling, and more.


3D Mask Demo Effects (1998)

Dated: October 18th, 1998, pre-"To Be Continued..." :

3D Mask Demo Effects

Includes exploration of the following 3D rendering techniques:

  1. Flat Shading
  2. Gouraud Shading
  3. Gouraud Shading + Glenz
  4. Texture Mapping
  5. Texture Mapping + Gouraud Shading + Specular Highlights
  6. Environment Mapping + Gouraud Shading + Specular Highlights
  7. Gouraud Shading + Phong Shaded Specular Highlights

This was preliminary work on my "To Be Continued..." demoscene release the next year.


3D Accelerated Demo Effects (1999)

Post-"To Be Continued..." :


From top-left to right:
Texture Mapped Tunnel + Electric Plasma Effect
Environment Mapping + Gouraud Shading + Textured Mapping
Phong Shaded Specular Highlights + Gouraud Shading + Texture Mapping
Phong Shaded Specular Highlights + Gouraud Shading + Texture Mapping

Screenshots from demo effects I coded after the "To Be Continued..." demo. The effects here make use of the 3Dfx Voodoo 2 dual-texture features, allowing the use of two textures at once.


3Dfx Voodoo 1 vs. Voodoo 2 Comparison:

Consider these two effects I coded:


3Dfx Voodoo 1 (single texture) vs. 3Dfx Voodoo 2 (dual texture).

A phong shading technique developed by Matthew Doucette
that uses texture mapping to simulate phong shaded specular highlights,
which allows 3D graphics accelerators to emulate phong shading
(although they lack the intrinsic ability to do so).

Look a the mask renders above, and compare them. The dual textures allow me to use one texture to emulate phone shading (something the 3D card cannot do on its own) and have an additional texture to do the texture mapping that was missing in my "To Be Continued.." demo.



The work here is a follow up to development on "To Be Continued..", which was released on April 2nd, 2019. The work here uses the 3Dfx Voodoo 2 features,where as "To Be Continued..." only used Voodoo 1 features. The main difference being dual-textures; The Voodoo 2 was essentially two Voodoo 1 chips together, which allowed it to texture map two textures onto each triangle at at time, allowing for interesting effects to be coded. Some of the effects I coded with this ability was some you see below, such as detail textures and phong shading with texture mapping -- interesting as my phong shading technique requires a texture of its own.)


That is all.



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