Mode 13h Demo Effects (1997)

Sunday, January 13, 2019
By: Matthew Doucette

(Note: This page used to be a part of my online resume at, so it reads as a portfolio piece.)

Everything on this page is self-taught, with help from Jason Doucette in 3D programming (he invented the 3D formula in grade 8), demo effects, procedural 3D modelling, and more.


DOS Real-Time Graphics (1997)

These are examples of my real-time software-rendered graphics programming. All coding was done in Borland Turbo Pascal in MS-DOS. All effects are coded in Mode 13h (320x200x256). This is all self-taught.

A note about mode 13h: As this mode is now outdated, many forget about the problems and restrictions of this mode:



Modified from 320x200 (non-square pixel) original resolution to 267x200 to maintain 4:3 aspect ratio.

Starting at the top-left to right:

  1. Texture Blur
  2. Blur Drop
  3.  Spinning Cloud (Particle System / Texture Blur)
  4. Flat Shading / Specular Highlights
  5. Polygon Glenz
  6. Gouraud Shading (polygon coloring emulates texturing)
  7. Line Tunnel (wire mesh)
  8. Object Wave (Flat Shading) (see "To Be Continued..." flag effect)
  9. Blur Motion
  10. Gouraud Texture Mapping / Plasma Texture
  11. Texture Plasma (morphed left/right and up/down)
  12. Plasma Polygon Glenz
  13. Flat Shading
  14. Screen Drop + Kathy Ireland
  15. Flat Shading / Gouraud Texture Mapping
  16. Texture Blur / Gouraud Texture Mapping
  17. Simple Texture Plasma (morphed left/right only)
  18. Flat Shading / Gouraud Texture Mapping
  19. Flat Shading / Gouraud Texture Mapping
  20. Polygon Tunnel


That is all.



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