Scaredy Ship

Scaredy Ship is a games produced by the Kids Make Games project, a collaboration between Brilliant Labs and Xona Games. It was developed by a grade 11 student, directly in Drumlin Heights Consolidated Shool, using the Brilliant Labs' MakerSpace, as a part of the school curriculum. Furthermore, the technology used is the same technology Xona Games uses to developer their Xbox and PlayStation games.



Here is footage of the game. Mostly this is a capture of the student developer testing his own game.

Scaredy Ship playlist.
Watch through the videos to see the progression.




Install Instructions:

  1. Download
  2. Download xnafx40_redist.msi.
  3. Install xnafx40_redist.msi by double clicking it.
  4. Extract to a "ScaredyShip" folder, using Windows or WinRAR.
  5. Enter "ScaredyShip" folder.
  6. Read the "info.txt" for control instructions.
  7. Double click "ScaredyShip.exe" to run the game.



XBOX 360 controller:



Source Code:

This is a Microsoft Visual Studio Solution, of Scaredy Ship. To learn how to code this game yourself, follow our 2D Game Development Tutorial.


Credit / Thanks:

Thanks to everyone involved for making this a possibility:


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