Xona Games Shmup Tournament
Friday, February 14, 2014
By: Matthew Doucette

We held a Xona Games shmup tournament at the Halifax Scramble!

So, we decided to join the Halifax Scramble shmup tournament with our own Score Rush and Decimation X3 tournaments!

Here are the scores:

Score Rush:

  • 158,235,263 - Ty Smart (All Clear)
  • 88M - Code Freeman*
  • 83,988,112 - Shaun Bader
  • 67.2M - Tenasitee
  • 64,172,090 - Deepshock
  • 49,875,828 - Skaz
  • 40,827,651 - Kas
  • 23,289,895 - Real
  • 12,156,340 - Slane
  • 9M - Wayne
  • 5.7M - Alex

*New entry. Code Freeman's score was recorded on another piece of paper. Verified by Shaun Bader.

Decimation X3:

Unfortunately, Decimation X3 was barely played as Score Rush was left running almost all of the time.

Here's photographic proof:

Xona Games Shmup Tournament results.
Score Rush ran most the time. Decimation X3 had barely any playtime.

Congrats to Ty Smart for winning the Score Rush tournament and winning a copy of Raiden IV for the Xbox 360. Congratulations for Tenasitee for winning the Decimation X3 tournament and winning a copy of Raiden Fighters Aces for Xbox 360!

Amazingly, Tenasitee places 1st and 3rd in both competitions! Very well done! :)

Matthew Doucette awarding Ty Smart, winner of the Score Rush tournament, a copy of Raiden IV!

That is all!


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